The Best Marvel and DC Comics Halloween Costumes

If you really love comics, you need one these for Halloween this year.

Unsplash / King Lip

You know what would be fun? If everyone dressed up as their favorite superhero and ran around the streets with bags of candy.

Oh, wait! That’s essentially Halloween, isn’t it?

Then let’s do it! This is gonna be great! Choose your hero, buy the outfit, and be there!

Here are the best Marvel and DC Comics Halloween costumes on the market.

DC Comics Action Trio Child Costume Kit

DC Comics Action Trio Child Costume KitAmazon

A kid dressed up as a superhero is cute. A group of kids dressed up as superheroes, though? What do you call that?

A herd of heroes? A bat of characters? A swarm of supers?

It’s certainly a bargain. You get all three costumes for $18.06. Plus? The neighborhood will be safer with all those proto-heroes scampering about.

Wonder Woman Warrior Corset and Skirt Costume Set

DC Comics Wonder Woman Warrior Corset and Skirt Costume SetAmazon

If your fantasies of Wonder Woman—being her or being with her—o not include a cheap, fake-looking getup, this is your costume.

It’s constructed of pleather, has real corset features, and fits normal humans.

You might need to bring your own boots, armband and a tiara to this, but it has that cool belt/strap element and everyone gets to keep their dignity.

Super Deluxe Superman Adult Cape

Super Deluxe Superman Adult CapeAmazon

Half the job of dressing for the job of super hero is getting the right cape, right? And this, right here? This is a good cape. You could wear a red tee shirt and jeans under this and everyone would still get that you’re Superman.

This is the sort of cape Superman would wear. He wouldn’t wear some crappy scrap of dingy nylon. He wears something with substance, with presence! This!

DC Comics Adult Superhero Costume T Shirt I’m Superman, Batman, The Flash & Wonder Woman w/Stickers

DC Comics Adult Superhero Costume T Shirt I'm Superman, Batman, The Flash & Wonder WomanAmazon

Batman doesn’t always run around in tights. Most of the time, he wears normal clothes, and goes by the name Bruce Wayne. He would never let the costume he has on under his everyday clothes show through like this but this is a costume. It’s dramatic! It shows that under your nerdy, everyday white shirt, you are a superhero. This is not only a great Halloween costume—understated, easy to wear, funny—but you could probably wear it to work sometimes. If Batman isn’t your bag, you can choose a similar shirt that makes you the daytime version of Superman, The Flash, or Wonder Woman.

DC Comics Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin

DC Comics Deluxe Muscle Chest RobinAmazon

Robin. Loyal, hopeful, more hero than he was ever given credit for. We miss him. Everyone misses him. And that means everyone will be glad to see you in this Robin costume. He (that’s you) bulked up a bit for this appearance and has some serious muscles in this suit. So there’s that.

Let everyone hug you and tell you how sad they are. They will probably drop extra candy into your bag. Wouldn’t you?

It’s wrong what happened to Robin. He isn’t here to bask in the emotions that stirred in fans, though. But you are.

Marvel Universe The Hulk Pet Costume

Marvel Universe The Hulk Pet CostumeAmazon

Your pup wants in on the fun! But who does he want to be? The Hulk, of course. Because no dog with any self respect wants everyone to believe that his bark is worse than his bite. He wants everyone to believe that inside this cute and cuddly exterior is a monster that can f*k you up!

Let him have his cosplay fantasy, too. Just don’t tell him how insanely cute he looks in this getup.

Justice League Baby Boys’ 5 Pack Bodysuits - Assorted Superheroes

Justice League Baby Boys' 5 Pack Bodysuits - Assorted SuperheroesAmazon

Got a baby? Know someone with a baby? Someone needs to put these super-hero onsies on a baby! (Or five babies!) Because that would be hilarious. That baby will be forever immortalized in all those baby photos as a super hero. (Any one of five.) You would be doing the baby a favor, setting him/her up with street cred for life. This might be his/her super-hero origin story!