Hey, WhatsApp, Do You Know What's Cool? A Billion Users.

The Facebook-owned messenger hits 900 million active consumers.

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Today, WhatsApp founder Jan Koum announced — on Facebook, of course — that his baby is registering a whopper of a number: 900 million. Then, his buddy/overlord Zuckerberg posted a photo of Koum freakin’ out about the sheer size of how much money he’s about to make.

"Bout to splurge on that guac at Chipotle next time I'm there."


We can imagine the first dinner with Zuckerberg and Koum went a little bit like this, with Zuck assuming Sean Parker’s mantle:

And, now they are getting there. As USA Today points out, they aren’t exactly raking in the ca$h just yet — WhatsApp posted a loss of $232.5 million for the first half of ‘14 — but guess what? Zuck’s at the helm, bitches. WhatsApp added 100 million users in the past six months, and they’ll get to a cool billion by the end of the year (I’m guessing — come at me with your “numbers”). It’s a really good product, especially handy for us Americans overseas. I use it almost exclusively when I travel. They’ll make their money — despite their terrible, awful, no-good company moniker. Oh, yes. They will.

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