'Knives Out' trailer 2: Breaking down the cast from least to mostsuspicious

Trust nobody in the 'Last Jedi' director's twisty new whodunnit.

We don’t trust anybody in the new trailer for Rian Johnson’s new movie Knives Out, and make no mistake, that’s by design. The film is clearly paying homage to twisty whodunnit mysteries the likes of which were made famous by authors like Agatha Christie. The first teaser dropped back in July and promised a story in which foul play is certain and no suspects can be eliminated. With a new teaser having dropped today it’s safe to say that little has changed.

Johnson has already recommended that those already interested in the film not watch the trailer as, while there are no real spoilers, it’s best experienced with as little foreknowledge as possible. That probably isn’t stopping anyone, though.

The new trailer reveals a bit more about the plot of the film beyond the idea that it’s a murder mystery. Knives Out concerns the suspicious death of bestselling mystery novelist Harlan Thrombey (played by Christopher Plummer) on the evening of his 85th birthday party. The party, attended by his various family members, ends in his apparent suicide, though a Southern detective played by Daniel Craig suspects he was murdered. As the investigation presses on and the family members are interrogated, everyone’s true colors begin to come out and it becomes evident that one of them is responsible for the murder.

Now, regardless of what any headlines tell you between now and the film’s November release, nobody is going to be able to glean the identity of the murderer from a trailer alone. However, the second trailer for the film gives us a far better idea of which cast members seem suspicious, like they might know something about the murder. Read further for our comprehensive breakdown of who seems suspicious in the new Knives Out trailer.

Daniel Craig in 'Knives Out'


Daniel Craig - Verdict: Not Suspicious

While it’d be a heck of a twist, Craig’s detective character seems far from suspicious — at least in regard to the murder he’s investigating.

Lakeith Stanfield - Verdict: Not Suspicious

Stanfield has made his name playing some extremely suspicious characters over the last few years but, in this case, he seems to be nothing more than an investigator doing his job.

Michael Shannon in 'Knives Out'


Michael Shannon - Verdict: Suspicious

Shannon has also made his name playing some very suspicious characters over the last few years. In this case, he’s living up to expectations. Smart money is on that limp being fake at the very least.

Ana de Armas - Verdict: Mostly Not Suspicious

As with any mystery of this sort, there’s going to have to be at least one family member who’s generally clean and it seems like de Armas is that family member. You can spot her helping Craig’s investigation throughout the trailer, although perhaps she’s simply doing that to stay one step ahead of him.

Jamie Lee Curtis - Verdict: Suspicious

Curtis’s character has an intensity to her — the kind of intensity that seems great for ORCHESTRATING MURDER. She also seems generally put-off by the investigation, almost as though she’s afraid to see what they might find.

Chris Evans in 'Knives Out'


Chris Evans - Verdict: Not Even A Little Suspicious

Come on, guys. We all know a red herring when we see one. The awfulness of Evans’ character is so front-facing that there’s no way he’s hiding anything. He seems to be far too open about how much he sucks to be the kind of person who’d feel the need to cover up a murder. Plus, frankly, it’s hard to not trust Chris Evans when he’s wearing a cable-knit sweater. Evans’ character will be the one everyone immediately suspects is behind it all and inevitably ends up being innocent (and may even end up being the inevitable second murder, his death being the only thing that clears the charges laid against him).

Toni Collette - Verdict: Slightly Suspicious

Like Evans, Collette’s character seems to be a little bit too blatantly antsy about the investigation (and, frankly, too weird in general) to be the eventual mastermind behind it all. She’s probably hiding something, sure, but a murder? No way.

Don Johnson - Verdict: Very Suspicious (Because It’s Don Johnson)

Don Johnson, despite playing one of the most iconic lawmen of all time in Miami Vice, is a suspicious-looking guy. Don Johnson has been married five times and two of those marriages were annulled almost instantaneously in real life. Don Johnson has almost exclusively played slimeballs for the last few decades. Don Johnson has the least-trustworthy face on the planet. Don Johnson’s character almost certainly has some secrets he’s hiding and one of those secrets very well may be the murder of Harlan Thrombey.

Christopher Plummer - THE MOST SUSPICIOUS

Anyone who’s read enough mystery thrillers of the Agatha Christie vein knows that everyone is a suspect, even the victims. Until the identity of the murderer in Knives Out is revealed nobody, not even Harlan Thrombey, is trustworthy. Who’s to say he hasn’t faked his death to escape murder? Who’s to say he hasn’t faked his death in collaboration with one of his shady family members to collect insurance money? It’s simply too soon to rule out that Thrombey may be responsible for his own alleged murder, and that his alleged murder may just be a mysterious machination in a larger, more sinister scheme.

Knives Out hits theaters in November 27.

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