The Best Coffee Thermoses

Meet your new best friend. 


I don’t know about you, but when it comes to my morning routine, coffee is an essential part of the process. Whether my caffeine addiction is physiological or psychological, all I know is that it is very real and very necessary I get my fix on the regular. My ideal method for procuring coffee in the morning involves going to my favorite coffee spot and leisurely fixing my cup just the way I like it. Realistically, though, my mornings are far too hectic to make the stop regularly—which is probably the reality for most coffee lovers. For those of us who need our fix but do not have the time to sit at the breakfast table nor make a “quick stop,” brewing our own pot and dumping it into a thermos is what just has to happen. To make it as pleasurable an experience as possible, you should hook yourself up with the best thermos you can. Here are a few options to consider.

Thermos Stainless King 16-Ounce Travel Tumbler, Midnight Blue

Getting right to the point, this Thermos is 16 ounces of stainless steel goodness. Liquids stay hot or cold thanks to its “vacuum insulation technology” and remains cool to the touch so you can comfortably carry your hot beverage of choice around. Speaking of choice, this thermos also has a built in tea hook to make steeping leaves easy and mess free.

Contigo Stainless Steel Coffee Couture AUTOSEAL Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug

Want to sip in style? The Contingo stainless steel coffee travel mug combines function and fashion. The lib apparently automatically seals to prevent spills of any kind, and is layered to keep beverages insulated and hot. More specifically, this fancy looking thermos can keep hot coffee piping hot for up to 5 hours—perfect for slow sippers.


This tumbler can take the heat—literally, as it has the ability to keep hot drinks super hot. How? Well, that’s because of the innovation lid design. The lid to each of these tumbles contains a magnet design to keep heat in and cold out. However, it is important to note that the magnetized lid does not prevent spills from happening, nor is it entirely leak-proof

S’well 10312-B17-00820 Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Slow sipper? This thermos was made for you then! Cold drinks stay refreshingly cold for up to 24 hours in this thermos, while hot drinks get an extended shelf life of 12 hours long. Is wide mouth and thick rim make it easy to drink out of, and has earned the respect of over 490 happy customers who reviewed it.