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5 Best Laptop Stands 2019

Don't hurt yourself for work. Get a laptop stand and fix your ergonomics now

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Laptops are amazingly convenient. But ergonomically, they’re a nightmare.

Take a look at any guidelines for working on a computer without injuring your neck, back, eyes, or hands and they all pretty much agree: Laptops aren’t ergonomic unless you are talking about how easy they are to carry in a backpack. Working on one for hours at a time will hurt you.

That’s okay, though. You can have your laptop and work on it, too. You can have your laptop and work on it, too. A small investment in accessories will fix it.

If you are working for any length of time, a separate keyboard and mouse and a laptop stand to raise the laptop’s screen are a necessity. A small investment now will save you a fortune later in chiropractors, pain medications, time off from work, disability, and surgery.’s screen are a necessity. A small investment now will save you a fortune later in chiropractors, pain medications, time off from work, disability, and surgery.

Here are 5 laptop stands that will work with your situation.

Laptop Desk

Laptop Desk Nnewvante Table Adjustable 100% Bamboo Foldable Breakfast Serving Bed Tray w' Tilting Top DrawerAmazon

Do you often work in bed or on the couch? That starts out comfortable but, after a while, your neck and hands will suffer. You can do permanent damage if you ignore the early signs of pain. This laptop desk raises the laptop screen to the right angle and gives you a place to put a mouse. This is not a perfect ergonomic arrangement so consider getting up a lot and varying where you work often. (Your wrists are at the wrong angle for typing for any length of time.) But it’s much better than a pillow. It also has an accessory drawer to keep you organized.

JackCubeDesign Laptop Computer Stand

JackCubeDesign Laptop Computer StandAmazon

Simple, minimal, and sporting excellent ergonomic features, the JackCubeDesign Laptop Computer Stand is great if you work at a desk but that desk is small or your aesthetic won’t tolerate a big piece of furniture. This requires some assembly but it is very adjustable and allows you to raise the laptop higher than many laptop stands. Since the goal is to get the screen to eye height, this is an important feature.

The spare under-the-laptop space also allows you to store a wireless keyboard and mouse.

This is a great permanent solution for your home office. But it also breaks down and packs easily so if you are nomadic, you can take it with you.

AmazonBasics Laptop Lift Stand

AmazonBasics Laptop Lift StandAmazon

Your body is not exactly like anyone else’s, which is why adjustability is so important in ergonomics. Set this laptop stand down on your desk and, with no installation or hassle, you can raise your laptop to a height and angle that suit you perfectly. Add a keyboard and mouse to this and your hands and neck will thank you.

Great if you work at a desk. Even better if you share that desk with someone. You can each easily adjust your laptop to your individual needs.

Roost Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop StandAmazon

When you work on the road or at a cafe or co-working space every day, it can seem like ergonomics is something you have to abandon. Don’t do that! You will hurt yourself, for certain. Also? This folding laptop stand will fit in your backpack. It also unfolds easily and raises your laptop to a height that will be much easier on your neck. Add a small, portable, wireless keyboard and mouse to this rig to get your wrists at the right angle and you will survive this era of your life without injury.

Fleximounts M10 Laptop Wall Mount

Fleximounts M10 Laptop Wall MountAmazon

Do you work in an armchair? The bed? Standing? Movement is the best prevention for repetitive injury so that’s quite a good plan. Mount this laptop stand to the wall and avoid the desk entirely. Add a place for a keyboard and mouse and your ergonomics will be excellent and the footprint for your gear very small. This adjusts in every direction so you can stand or sit. Change it up all day long and your health will be much better.