5 Best Small Lightweight Portable Chargers

Try one of these take-with-you-anywhere chargers for your essential devices.

Unsplash / Bram Naus

We live a life connected to our devices. Whether we use them for producing content—looking at you iPad artists—Skyping in with collaborators for a face-to-face meeting, keeping track of time and appointments, responding to emails, or the other zillion things our devices are able to do for us, the point is you need your smartphone, laptop, and tablet charged in order to stay on top of your life. While outlets are available in most places, it’s not always convenient to sit tethered to the wall.

We’ve come a long way from corded phones. You used to have to stand in your kitchen to hold a conversation with your mother, but now you can send a text in a flash from anywhere you have cell reception. We need not backtrack to a life of seeking the nearest outlet. Instead, we must utilize the future’s growing list of conveniences and pack one of these must-have lightweight portable chargers for keeping your devices charged anywhere—no outlet necessary.

Below you’ll find the best lightweight portable chargers available on Amazon.

The One From Everyone’s Favorite Portable Charger Brand

Why We Picked It: With enough juice to charge an iPhone 8 nearly 4 times over and a Galaxy 8 almost 3, Anker uses PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to deliver the faster charge possible for any device able to be charged via USB. Certified Safe for all devices, you can rest assured that while it packs a punch, it’ll never cause your devices to overheat. With over 11,400 verified reviews and a near 5-star rating, this ultra-compact charger is a clear fan favorite. Comes complete with a travel case.

The One With Multiple Charging Ports

Why we Picked It: If you’re the type of person to get stuck with multiple dying devices at once, this Rleron Power Bank is the ideal solution for you. Complete with three 2.4A outputs and double 2.4A inputs, this charger will deliver your devices a quick charge several times over without skipping a beat. The included LCD display makes it clear how much power remains so that you’re never left wondering when it’s time to charge your portable charger.

The One You Can Keep on Your Phone

Why We Picked It: When it comes to an external battery, you don’t always want to have to remember to pack another thing. With the mophie juice pack wireless case, all you have to do is remember your phone and your portable charger is right there with you. This lightweight case features a rubberized exterior to prevent shock damage from accidental drops and the battery can give you up to 60 percent additional battery life.

The One You Can Plug An AC Power Adapter Into

Why We Picked It: Sometimes you have more devices than a cellphone or a tablet to keep charged and it’s not so easy to just plug in a USB cord to make it happen. That’s where Sikon’s AC Outlet Portable Charger comes into play and man is it a lifesaver. TSA-Approved for easy traveling anywhere, this portable power source has 1 USB output, 1 Type C output and 1 AC power port and packs enough power to charge a laptop two times over. When your phone or laptop is fully charged, this charger will automatically shut off to protect both devices. Not only that, but it has the added feature of an emergency flashlight for power outages and camping.

The One That Doesn’t Even Require A Cord

Why We Picked It: Designed to be compatible with both Qi-Enabled devices and traditional charging cords, this slender 10000 mAh power bank supports up to 4 devices charging simultaneously. With a stylish finish that you might just mistake for your smartphone without your glasses on, this portable charger features an easy to read LED display so you always know how much charging power it has left. The included phone stand allows you to use your phone even while it charges wirelessly.