The Best Doorbell Cameras Under $100

High tech home protection for everyone. 


Video doorbells are the latest and greatest in DIY home security. And all for good reason: protecting our families is certainly an issue that’s first and foremost in our minds. But beyond home security, doorbell cameras add a measure of convenience to our daily lives. They give us the ability to see who’s at our door, manage package deliveries, and much more. And while tech gadgets often come with a hefty price tag, there are some very affordable options on the market. Here are some of our favorites.

Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video

For those who are not especially tech-savvy, the Ring video doorbell might be just the ticket. The unit runs on a rechargeable battery, so there’s no dealing with confusing wires, making installation easy. The Ring video doorbell allows you to communicate with your visitors remotely, it alerts you when motion is detected, and works easily with Alexa and Google Assistant. Lifetime theft protection is another great benefit with this one — and if your unit is ever stolen, the company will replace it for free. Not too shabby.

Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell

The Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell is easily set up via the mobile app, which is available for both iPhone or Android. The unit has a 33ft wifi range and features two-way audio with night vision. The smart wifi doorbell comes with a 32G memory card, which automatically overwrites expired videos for easy management. High capacity batteries ensure that your unit will run for three months and up to six months on standby. A few notable extra perks are a 30-day warranty — and lifetime tech support.

SOOCOO Wireless WIFI Video Doorbell Security Camera

Two-way audio and 720P live HD video allow you to see and speak to guests from anywhere. This SOOCOO device also allows you to take photos and videos in real time, day or night, and supports up to six devices. Installation is as easy as downloading an app and connecting your unit over WiFi.

Mbuynow Wireless Video Doorbell Camera

Mbuynow’s video doorbell is highly rated on Amazon, probably because of its wealth of great features. Two-way audio with noise cancellation for a clear connection, the ability to zoom, live feeds, and scheduling options are just a few of the great benefits available in this option. Smart night vision gives you 1080p live HD video, and the 170-degree wide-angle lens allows for superior visibility and home protection. Overall battery life depends on how the unit is used, but generally speaking, the battery can last for up to six months on standby mode.

Kalogl Video Doorbell

Kalogl’s video doorbell is one of the most compact video doorbells on the market. The units are waterproof, dustproof, and a full charge on batteries will ensure operation for two months of use. Adjustable motion detection (low, medium, and high) alerts you when motion is detected or someone rings your doorbell. The Kalogl video doorbell features two-way audio, night vision and installation is as simple as scanning a QR code.