'Empire' New Songs Today With Pitbull And Ne-Yo

Listen to the club ready first songs from the second season of 'Empire'.

Fox Network

The first taste of Empire is out right now with less than three weeks until the show’s second season return to Fox.

“No Doubt About It” pulls Jamal (Jusssie Smollett) together with Pitbull on a song co-written by Ne-Yo that sounds like every EDM-Pop Ne-Yo and Pitbull song of the 2010s. Yet in the realm of Empire, where nothing is ever quite period appropriate, this 2011 banger fits perfectly into this 2015 show.

The second song “Ain’t About The Money” returns to the flair of the first season of music. Where it sounds a bit like a strange approximation of the last then years of rap and R&B. Yet when Yazz spits “Blood is thicker than water but BS is the thickest” it’s a good reminder of just how much internal conflict exists between this power family. Only 20 more days until the show is back, so just keep these on repeat until then.

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