15 Inventions Under $25 That Amazon Reviewers Are Obessed With

Check out these inventions you didn't know you needed.

Unsplash / Daniel Eledut

Sometimes the urge to shop is just inescapable. Whether your roommate got a shiny new Amazon Prime package the other day or you’ve just finally hit your limit with surprisingly well-timed targeted ads, occasionally we all find ourselves seeking out a little retail therapy. But just because you want to buy something doesn’t mean you know what you want to buy.

I you’re specifically looking to scratch that itch for the instant gratification but don’t want to break the bank, consider picking up the kind of item that will bring you the simple joy of usefulness every time you reach for it.

Here, I’ve rounded up the best, inexpensive items on Amazon that are so well-designed, they’ll actually change your life a little bit. On this list, you’ll find 15 amazing inventions that have been given rave reviews.

1. The All-In-Way Egg Cooker That Prepares Eggs Any Way You Like

With over 12,000 reviews on Amazon and a consistent 4.5 star average, this amazing egg cooker seems too good to be true, but just… isn’t. If your household is big on eggs—of any kind—this egg cooker can make the perfect egg happen for you without any of the usual mess and hassle. With a built-in measuring cup and a 6-egg capacity, you can make up to a half dozen eggs at a time with just the push of a button.

2. The Miracle Working Eye Gel That’ll Make You Look Brand New

While I’m sure you’d love to get Botox and a year’s worth of sleep all, it’s not possible for everyone, so many of us have to resort to eye creams so we can fake a well-rested appearance. If you’ve tried an eye cream before, you know that many of them don’t stand up to their miracle-working claims, but this lightweight eye gel has nearly 15,000 rave reviews testifying that it really does work. Use morning and night for the best results.

3. The Alarm Clock That Won’t Wake You Up On The Wrong Side of the Bed

Chances are you’ve tried a radio alarm clock at some point in your life, and what was initially a fun little experiment became the worst part of your morning. Waking up to the same too-loud voice—or even just your usual smartphone alarm—can be very jarring and it’s easy to wake up already annoyed. With this amazing sunrise alarm clock, you can be awoken gradually with simulated sunlight and naturally without a loud noise. Still need a sound? Choose from one of the many pleasant sounds this alarm cook offers.

4. The No-Fuss Car Air Freshener You Can Customize To Your Favorite Scent

Once your car stops smelling like new car, it can start to take on a lot of not-so-fun scents. Whether you like to diffuse essential oils at home for aromatherapy or you just like all-natural scents, you may find yourself missing that experience when you’re away from home. With this diffuser designed for use in your car, you can take your favorite scents on the road with you. With two modes and color-changing LED lights, intermittent versus continuous release, you can set the right mood anywhere you can use a USB port. Over 1,000 Amazon reviewers testify that this product is a delight in their lives.

5. The All-Natural Teeth Whitening Duo That Will Leave You With An Instagram-Ready Smile

We all want whiter teeth, and seeing everyone’s white smiles plastered all over Instagram doesn’t make looking in the mirror every night before bed any easier. But now you can do something about it: This amazing bundle from Active Wow combines a gentle but effective blend of all-natural ingredients, including activated charcoal, to help you achieve your whitest smile ever. The bundle includes a daily toothpaste and a whitening powder. Did I mention it has upwards of 20,800 rave reviews?

6. The Ultra-Soft Microfiber Sheets With 60,000 Reviews

If over 60,000 reviews aren’t enough to tell you that there’s a reason more than 60,000 people have bought this product, how about 40 different colors, an affordable price point, and the availability of all bed sizes — including the hard-to-shop for split king? These 100% polyester sheets will allow you wake up feeling like you’re in a five-star hotel. They just don’t fade, hold onto a stain, shrink in the wash, or wrinkle in the dryer. Not only that, but Mellanni takes their claims so seriously that these sheets are guaranteed to last you for life.

7. The Fan Favorite Compression Socks With Over 11,000 Reviews

If you’ve struggled with shin splints while running or standing, if your circulation has gotten markedly worse through injury or pregnancy, or if air traveling seems to make your legs go numb, you might be in need of compression socks. Perfect for nurses, travelers, athletes and more, these compression socks are come in a Small/Medium size and a Large/X-Large size for the perfect compression. With over 11,000 reviews, consumers found their circulation revitalized, their stamina increased, and their recovery time accelerated.

8. The 4.5 Star Shampoo With The Ability To Make Your Hair Grow

When used daily, this Biotin shampoo is among the best remedies for hair loss—short of getting hair plugs—and the reviews back it up. Maintaining a solid 4.5 average rating from over 1,500 reviewers, this shampoo uses Biotin to thicken natural oils to increase volume and texture while also strengthening your hair down to the follicle and stimulating growth.

9. The Environmentally Friendly Alternative To Dryer Sheets

Wouldn’t you love to enter a world where you never have to choose between the on-sale dryer sheets and your actual favorites? What if you didn’t have to buy dryer sheets at all… but still reaped all the benefits? These reusable New Zealand wool dryer balls are hypoallergenic, reduce drying time by nearly 40 percent, will extend the life of your clothes, and keep them softer longer — without synthetic chemicals.

10. The Nose Trimmer That Does More Than Trim Nose Hairs

Reviewed by more than 8,300 people with an average four-star rating, this well-constructed nose trimmer features high-quality steel and a rotary cutting system that allows you to easily trim nose hairs as well as your eyebrows, beard, and ears. The built-in LED light makes it even easier to trim the hard to reach spots. And on top of all of that, it’s water resistant, so if you’re one of those people who prefers to do everything all at once in the shower, this is the perfect tool for you.

11. Your Next Favorite Pair of Boxer Briefs

You’ll love these performance boxer briefs from adidas so much, you’ll buy a dozen (and the good news is, they come in a two-pack). Choose from all black, all white, or a blend of colors that works best for you. Designed to be worn comfortably and effortless, these polyster-spandex boxer briefs have an elastic waistband that hugs your hips without being too tight, smooth anti-chafing stitching, and a doublelined mesh support pouch. Over 2,000 Amazon reviewers sing the praises of what will now be your favorite pair of boxer briefs.

12. The Unbreakable Wine Glasses You’ll Take Everywhere

Not only do these silicone wine glasses make a great gift for your wino friend, but they’re perfect for households with kids, tail-wagging pets, tailgaters, and more. They’re 100% dishwasher safe and will literally never break. With a solid 4.5 rating, you can’t go wrong with one wine glass for this price—let alone four you’ll have for life.

13. The Device That’ll Make Losing Your Keys A Thing Of The Past

Devices like the Tile Mate have been invented before, but the Tile Mate really stands out. Use your smartphone to pinpoint the exact location of a missing item that has a Tile, andyour item is found effortlessly. Misplace your phone but know where your keys are? Simply double-tap your Tile Mate, and your phone will emit a sound to alert you about where it is. Over 10,121 consumers loved their Tile Mate—and went back to buy more.

14. The $15 Essential Oil Diffuser That You’ll Love To Come Home To

From the same makers of the USB essential oil diffuser comes this amazing multi-functional diffuser for your home. Over 16,600 Amazon reviewers sing its praises as the best way to come home, relax, and de-stress from a long day at work. Not only does it work to diffuse your favorite scent, but the sevenchanging mood lights and benefits as a cool mist humidifier make it the perfect table top solution to a dry room. Bonus: the automatic shut-off makes it energy saving.

15. The Game That’ll Make Family Fun Night, Power Outages and Vacations

Reviewed by over 8,500, if you haven’t heard of Exploding Kittens by now, grab this chance to have some real fun. Designed to be a great game for all ages, you can play with two people or the whole family (up to nine people). The game gained fame from an explosive run on Kickstarter—making it the most-backed project in Kickstarter history—and has gone on to be highly beloved by everyone who’s tried it.