Best Star Wars Collectibles We Love

These are so, so good.

Unsplash / Daniel Cheung

If you are a nerd with any pride in your own nerdiness, you have—or plan to start—an awesome collection of Star Wars toys, lunchboxes, and other collectibles. But you always need more, right?

Maybe you plan to make a stop-motion romantic film and upload it to Netflix? Maybe you are setting up your own curio cabinet full of memories? Maybe you just want to hang out with your favorite people and droids? Or maybe you need to do a video call and you don’t want anyone on it to know who you are.

Whatever your reasons, you are going to need some of these awesome Star Wars collectibles to make it all work.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

R2-D2 App-Enabled DroidAmazon

You need a companion at home—and on your interstellar adventures. And there is no one better suited to that task than the inimitable R2-D2. He’s agreeable, helpful, and adorable. This version walks in two modes—bipod or tripod—makes his own cute noises, flashes lights, and waddles to communicate. Watch movies with him, take him into holograph mode, or just keep him safe at home. He’s awesome. He’s small but really a droid so he’s gonna be fun to have around.

Bonus: He’s on sale, big time.

Cable Guy - Darth Vader - Controller and Device Holder

Cable Guy - Darth Vader - Controller and Device HolderAmazon

When you set your phone down at night, where do you put it? Because Darth Vader is right here, ready to hold it for you. You will be able to glance at the screen without picking it up. But, best part? You will have Darth Vader for a sidekick! He’s also willing to hold your console game controller so it’s possible you need twin Darth Vader sidekicks.

If you don’t mind inviting the Sith Lord into your room, this guy makes an awesome phone/controller stand. He’s only eight inches tall. How much harm could he do?

Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet

Star Wars The Black Series Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer HelmetAmazon

Just go for it. You’ve got Darth holding your phone. His twin is keeping your game controller handy. Why not just go into battle wearing this voice changer helmet and speak in the voice of an Imperial Stormtrooper.

Just get into your game, put on the helmet, push the button on the side of the helmet and speak. It will electronically alter your voice so no one in the game will know who you are. 

This would also be perfect for video calls. How else can you do those without giving away your identity?

## LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Building KitAmazon

You might need a Kickstarter campaign for this one but how awesome would it be to build and then own this baby!

It’s huge (33 inches long and 22 inches wide) and absurdly realistic. It has removable hull panels and a concealed blaster cannon. The main hold has a Dejarik holographic game and engineering station complete with a seat that turns.

This is a project that is going to take you a long, long time. And you are going to be a geek the entire time.

So if you never got the difficult, complicated LEGO kits when you were a kid, remember this: You are an adult now. You can do whatever you want.

So what if you can’t go out to eat for a year. Food is fleeting. (And there’s Ramen.) This will last forever. And you will be too busy building, storing, and admiring this thing to care, anyway.

Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie Interactive Plush Toy

Star Wars Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie Interactive Plush ToyAmazon

This guy is crazy cute. He’s also sensitive and compassionate and the chicks dig him. He’s the best copilot you are ever going to find. You know you need to have him on your ship.

If you talk to him, he will answer in Wookie so, unless you are conversant, you will need a translator. He makes facial expressions, too. This isn’t just some stuffed animal toy. He’s Chewie! And he’s your new roommate!

(He has his own stuff in his bag. You don’t need to take him on a run to Target when he gets there.)