Best Marvel Accessories That Don't Scream "Fanboy"

Marvel Accessories that are on the subtle side

Unsplash / Elijah O'Donnell

You like you some Marvel! You see all the movies, have some favorite characters and worlds… and you definitely know what super power you would ask for if a spider bit you and offered you options. And you know the backstories for 20 or so fictional heroes.

Still, you are well aware that your long, stoned discussions of superhero motivations and human weaknesses are a bonding exercise between friends, not an obsession. So what?! You’re a normal fan, is all.

So when you pick out a Marvel tee shirt or other accessory, of which many are available, to add to your regular rotation, you don’t want anything that screams “I HAVE TOTALLY LOST MY GRIP!”

Heck to the yes! We are right there with you on that one. And, because we have the time, we scoured the interwebs for Marvel accessories you can safely acquire without crossing that line.

Here are a few you probably want right now.

Fashion Marvel Comics Spider-Man Action Underwear 3 Pack Boxer Briefs

Fashion Marvel Comics Spider-Man Action Underwear 3 Pack Boxer BriefsAmazon

Wearing super hero underwear makes you strong! You should have at least one pair to wear to job interviews, on a first date, or to anything that makes you anxious. And, obviously, those undies should be boxer briefs.

Here you go. No one will know you have these on unless you trust them enough to know that. Very subtle. Very necessary.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cassette Graphic T-Shirt

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cassette Graphic T-ShirtAmazon

To the uninitiated this Guardians of the Galaxy tee will look like a band shirt for a band they’ve never heard of, which is both cool (for you) and probably fairly common (for them.) Anyone who is a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, though, will want to know where you got this. If you want to keep your edge, send them on a wild goose chase.

Mens Funny Dress Socks

Marvel SocksAmazon

You need socks, right? And no one ever sees your socks unless, in some boring meeting, you cross your legs and show them. These socks will allow you to use that meeting moment to crack up some fellow employee who gets you. Just sit back and watch him try to keep a straight face while the boss drones on about the scheduling or customers or hitting goals. It will be awesome.

5-Pack Marvel Avengers Socks

5-Pack Marvel Avengers SocksAmazon

If you are serious about your superhero socks, maybe you want some of these more wearable short socks to sport to the gym and throughout your everyday life. These aren’t a joke. These are nice socks, all Marvel. And you get five pairs so buy two packs and you are set for socks from now till laundry day. Why wear ordinary socks with the logo of some sock-maker brand on them?

Marvel Comics Men’s Retro Interior Print Bifold Wallet

Marvel Comics Men's Retro Interior Print Bifold WalletAmazon

Except for the Marvel logo, which is black on black, this wallet looks like a completely normal bi-fold men’s leather wallet. But when you open it up, you get a beautiful display of retro Marvel images that will make you smile every time you pay for something or get out a loyalty card. They are printed in color across the interior and in black and white inside the billfold area. There are two billfold areas so you can keep your folding money in obsessive order, if that’s how you roll. Super nice!

Need a wallet? Get one that gets you.