The Best Men's Slip on Shoes

Slide-on shoes that go from summer to fall.

Unsplash / 俊逸 余

Sometimes you just can’t. Sitting down, putting on shoes, tying said shoes. It’s all so much trouble.

There is a better way. Shoes you step into from a standing position. More commonly referred to as the slip-on show, they are a godsend to the terminally lazy or those of us who just like to kick our shoes off at every opportunity.

Choose wisely, and this shoe style will become your go-to. You will want them for every outfit and every season. But you really don’t have to own six pairs. The beauty of a good pair of shoes — slip-on or otherwise — is that you can wear it with anything. Shorts? A swim suit? Your underwear? A bathrobe? Yeah! Why not!

Here are five pairs that will take you from now all the way to winter without once have to lace up a pair of shoeswithout once have to lace up a pair of shoes

Let the annoyance of demanding shoes end now!

Crocs Men’s Santa Cruz Loafer

Crocs Men's Santa Cruz Loafer


You don’t need to look like a clown to get the benefits of Crocs’ comfortable slip-ons. This pair looks like a normal shoe. But that bit of elastic makes them slip on easily. You could walk past these and have them on your feat before everyone else and their Nike’’s even finds a pair of socks. And sometimes speed is needed when it comes to getting out the door.

Once you are out the door, though, these will look normal, walk normal, and keep you comfy all day.

SPERRY Men’s Striper Ii Slip-on Sneaker

SPERRY Men's Striper Ii Slip-on Sneaker


You want your sneaks with a little retro-cool angle and you definitely don’t want to mess with laces. Yeah, we get you. You can rock that look because you are young and smokin’ hot!

These Sperry’shave a stripe, in some colors (of which there are many), to add a bit of interest. But otherwise they are a low-profile, easy wearing pair of sneakers that you will rely on to get out the door every day. Bonus points for affordability!

CASMAG Men’s Casual Cloth Shoes Canvas Slip on Loafers Leisure Vintage Flat Boat Shoes

CASMAG Men's Casual Cloth Shoes Canvas Slip on Loafers Leisure Vintage Flat Boat Shoes


We love the raw edges and the color options in this canvas slip on.They are great details that make these shoes look so much more expensive than they are or need to be. They are casual but elegant so you could wear these on a Yacht or to mow the lawn. And they are priced so you can have them in several colors.

CLARKS Men’s Ashmont Race

CLARKS Men's Ashmont Race


You need a pair of shoes you can wear to a formal event where those canvas slip-ons won’t be allowed. But you don’t want to look like “that guy.” (The douchey one trying to look like a partner in his father’s law firm.) And you want to be comfortable. Also? No laces.

Here is a lovely compromise [from comfort-brand Clark’s. They are a slick leather. They come in plenty of colors. They will slip easily onto your feet. And they feel good on your dogs. Life is too short to be that other guy. You be you.

Go Tour Men’s Premium Genuine Leather Casual Slip on Loafers Breathable Driving Shoes

Go Tour Men's Premium Genuine Leather Casual Slip on Loafers Breathable Driving Shoes


Is your style more sexy Italian dude with impeccable taste in footwear and a closet full of awesome shoes? But your wallet leans more towards nerdy guy with one pair of beat-up sneakers? [This is the dress shoe]( you have been searching for.

Soft leather? Check. Heal that kicks down so you can step into it super easily? Yep. So many colors you can indulge your weirder tendencies, thereby giving the impression that you have so many shoes you needed to get these in, like, blue or yellow? Absolutely that!

They come in smooth or with a punched-out pattern on the upper on the upper. Some colors are fur lined so you can be wearing slippers all the time and no one will ever suspect. You’re welcome. You’re welcome.