4 Best Electric Shavers for Men

So you can put on your happy face.


Your preferred shaver is a lot like your face—unique to you. If you’re in the market for a new electric razor, there are plenty to choose from, and plenty of features to consider. Rechargeable or corded? Self-cleaning? Wet or dry?

We’ve culled through Amazon and found several electric razors for men with different needs. All these razors have high ratings on Amazon and thousands of satisfied users.

The Best Bet For Sensitive Skin

Why We Chose It You want your razor to be extremely clean, especially if you have sensitive skin. This Braun shaver comes with a cleaning and charging station that uses alcohol to clean your shaver. The same station also lubricates the shaver, and the recharge takes less than an hour. The razor is designed with three cutting elements and a skin guard to capture more hair in every stroke. The head flexes in eight directions to reach and capture hair in hard-to-reach places. You can choose between five shaving modes—from turbo to sensitive, to get the best shave for your face.

The Ideal Pick For Daily Shavers

Why We Chose It Foil razors are recommended for men who shave every day or have sensitive skin. This Remington model uses Intercept Shaving Technology to pre-trim longer hairs, so you can get a close shave. There are also two flexible foils for a close shave. The rechargeable battery holds a charge for up to 20 days or a total 60-minute run time. An LED battery gauge alerts you of how much of a charge remains in the battery.

Perfect For Wet Use

Why We Chose It If you like shaving with gel or foam, you need a wet/dry shaver. This Philips Norelco shaver will give you a close shave whether on a dry face or a wet one. On this shaver, each head moves independently to follow the contours of your face, cutting up to 20% more than other razors with each pass. The blades are also self-sharpening. This shaver comes with a cleaning and charging system that also lubricates the blades.

Ideal For Durability

Why We Chose It Wahl is the brand of choice for barbers and professionals in the hair-cutting industry. This model comes with a pop-up precision trimmer you can use for your beard, mustache, sideburns, or for edging. Wahl calls this the Lifeproof shaver because it’s waterproof and the housing is shockproof—so no worries if you drop it on the floor or into a sink full of water. The lithium-ion battery has a 90-minute run time. A full charge takes an hour, but you can get a quick charge in just 5 minutes.