A Classic Gaming Cabinet You Can Actually Afford

Turn the basement into a retro gaming oasis without going broke. 


No matter how old and crotchety I get, dingy, questionable dive bars with cheap beer with vintage arcade cabinets lining the walls will always have a place in my heart. There is something special about playing video games the way our “forefathers” (and some of us) played them growing up. You know, in packed arcades, friends cheering us on—it’s a charm lost on new gamers who are used to their Discord and screaming from mom’s basement.

But to bring back some of that nostalgic vibe, you can park a retro gaming cabinet in your rec room without dropping a small fortune. Gaming company Arcade1Up sells some of the most affordable and comprehensive cabinet around. Plus, if you’re a total techie, we’re not saying you should hack it to get thousands of retro games, but we aren’t exactly saying you shouldn’t either…

ARCADE1UP Classic Cabinets Home Arcade 4ft


This is just one of the old school cabinets available from Arcade1Up. Each one comes with several games pre loaded, with the primary game is typically featured on the cabinet design. Prices vary per cabinet and cabinet selection, but nothing in their inventory really goes over $339. If you’re worried about spending that much and suffering wear and tear, Arcade1Up sells individual parts to help you maintenance your cabinet (or give it a DIY upgrade, The cabinets each stand at 4ft, so if you’re looking to offer shoulder-to-shoulder gameplay, you’ll need to purchase a riser. They retail for roughly $45 and are sold separately

So if you’re ready to turn your basement, man cave, or living room into a total fun zone on the cheap, consider adding a cabinet or two to your home.

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