The Best Chairs & Stools for Standing Desks

You got a new standing desk... but is your old chair compatible?

Unsplash / Andrew Neel

So you got yourself a standing desk because you were tired of the dull pain in your back from sitting all day every day but just because you want the freedom to stand while you work doesn’t mean you only want to stand while you work. Whether you struggle to get yourself out of low seating, like a particular view from the window you work by, want a new chair that actually supports your body where it counts or just don’t love having to constantly adjust the height of your desk, a taller model chair or stool is just what you need.

This is the future and you don’t have to deal with all the inconveniences of the past. Your back hurts? There are solutions. Your chair isn’t working for you? You can get the perfect new one. You want to shake up the way you work and how your body feels before, during and after you do it? Invest in a standing desk and get the perfect chair or stool to match. Below you’ll find the best chairs and stools for standing desks.

The Stool That Supports You While You Stand

Why We Picked It: Unlike many chairs and stools with the sole function of sitting, this chair is meant to promote what is called “neutral posture.” What that means is that it allows you to exist somewhere between sitting and standing with the benefits and relaxation of both and the disadvantages of neither. The stable construction means it’ll never tip or slide and if you get tired of the neutral position, you can sit on it directly or stand comfortably with the anti-fatigue mat at your feet.

The Ergonomic Office Chair That Rises To Your Standing Desk’s Height

Why We Picked It: While the first chair has a lot of great function for supporting yourself while you stand at your desk, if you don’t want to spend the whole day standing and you need a little bit more in the way of back support, this ergonomic chair will give you the support you need and rise to meet the preferred height of your standing desk.

The Stool That’ll Make It Easier Than Ever To Go From Sitting To Standing and Back Again

Why We Picked It: After sitting at a desk for years and years, it just isn’t as easy to get up and down anymore. This stool with a little bit of back support has a supportive axis that allows the chair to swivel freely with you as you sit and stand. It adjusts between a height of 24.8 inches to 34.6 inches so you can use it as both a regular chair and a tall chair to go with your standing desk.