Extremely Nerdy Artist-Designed Decor We Totally Love

You don't need to spend a fortune to have original art on your walls, tables, and furniture. Here's how.

Unsplash / Gianandrea Villa

You want to support artists and decorate your place in original paintings and sculpture, right? But your wallet screams at the idea of shelling out hundreds for one piece.

You can do both of those things at Society6 because the artists create their works to be printed onto pillows, shower curtains, bedspreads, tapestries and more.

So you can support the arts, have a living space that is adorned with original art, and keep your money to pay the rent and eat. It’s a win for you and for the artists.

Here are a few pieces we think will look amazing on you.

Mexican Flowers Shower Curtain

Mexican Flowers Shower CurtainSociety6

Give the bathroom a pop of color and some serious texture without getting involved in a remodel or painting project. The colorful flowers jump off of this shower curtain giving you a huge style upgrade for a very small investment.

Tina Salazar is a painter who adores abstracts and created gorgeous decor items at Society6. The shower curtain is an often-wasted expanse of design area. Don’t squander it with something plain or straight from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Use it to to punch up your bathroom!

Djosan Poshti West Persian Rug Print Pillow Sham

Djosan Poshti West Persian Rug Print Pillow ShamSociety6

It’s the bedroom. Give it a sexy look by dressing the bed with images that evoke sultry desert heat instead of crisp whiteness. This Persian rug image is printed on a textured fabric to give the image a soft fuzziness that evokes carpet—except that it is gentle on your face and hair.

Add some linen sheets and exotic music to transform your bedroom into a far East habitat for relaxation and fun.

Solar System Comforters

Solar System ComfortersSociety6

When you close your eyes and dream, you can go anywhere. Why not shoot for space? This comforter transforms your room from a bedroom to a transport into distant stars—at least in your mind. Why dream about the things that worry or frighten you? You already gave the daytime to that sort of thing. Throw this image on your bed and give your subconscious a reminder that it—unlike your waking body—is constrained by nothing.

Also? This comforter is on sale. This seems a small price to pay for an untethered imagination.

Mid-Century Modern Art 1.3 Throw Pillow

Mid-Century Modern Art 1.3 Throw PillowSociety6

How much did you spend on that mid-century modern chair? The couch? The sideboard where you keep the bar?

Whether those furnishings are in your house or only on your wish list, these pillows are an easy and inexpensive way to punch up your mid-century modern look. They come in several sizes and are an original piece of art, even though they evoke the style of Hollywood in the 50s.

Zip them over the pillows you already have or buy a new pillow filler on Amazon. And bam! Your place evokes the era of Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, and Steve McQueen with very little effort or expense.

Tokyo street sunrise Wall Tapestry

Tokyo street sunrise Wall TapestryAmazon

Cover an ugly wall or table with a piece of art-painted fabric for a quick, easy, and stunning upgrade to the texture of your living space.

Fabrics not only change the look of a space, they alter the acoustics. So if your place feels stark and in need of something to stop the echo and emptiness but your wallet is equally sparse, a tapestry is a great solution.

Hang one on the wall as an economic alternative to art—at least until you can afford the original works you plan to collect. Cover that beater table you got at a yard sale without going all granny-style tablecloth.

This street scene from Tokyo will give your place an instant urban, arty groove. But there are hundreds to choose from. So many, you might want to engage the search engine to help you hone in on the one you want.