4 Comforters That Won't Scare Your Hot Date Away

Upgrade your bachelor pad with a comforter that's inviting. 


Imagine your perfect first date is coming to an end. You’ve wined and dined them, made them laugh, and you’re 100% certain they want to go back to your place to continue the evening. You’ve wooed them enough to lead them into your bedroom, and just as you two are about to enter phase two of the date, they notice your bed is nothing but a sad slab with a dingy sheet. If you want to move to phase three (and I am going to go ahead and assume you do) you need to make sure your place is presentable — especially when it comes to the most intimate place you can invite someone. An easy way to do that? Make it a welcoming space with simple and stylish bedding.

Beckham Hotel Collection Goose Down Alternative Reversible Comforter


If you’re a man of simply pleasures, this luxe-but-affordable comforter is perfect for you. It’s solid, cozy, and looks insanely inviting. Whether you are feeling blue or gray, this can accommodate your needs a pull together an elegant bachelor space nicely.

Madison Park Palmer 7-Piece Comforter Set


Looking to really step it up? This seven-piece comforter set will add a ton of style to your bedroom. The set includes the comforter, three decorative pillows, two shams, and a bedskirt for a full look. If you aren’t into the blue color it’s available in five other colors, making this a solid choice for any bedroom.

HIGHBUY Premium Cotton Full Bedding Sets Grey Comforter Cover Set


Geometric patterns that are simple always look sophisticated. Now this is technically a duvet cover, which means you’ll have to purchase the fluffy comforter part separately. However, the plus side to that is it’s easier to switch out bedding if you want to change up the look of the room. This set comes with the cover and two shams, and is basica enough to be accessorized with an array of decorative pillows.

NANKO Queen Bedding Duvet Cover Set White Marble, 3 Piece


Throw this on your bed, and your date will probably physically incapable of not snapping a few Instagrammable selfies. Seriously, white marble is super trendy right now, and it’s a really unique design to bring to the bedroom.