The Best Hemp Treats for Dogs

Give your pup some hemp to help her get her groove back

Unsplash / Marek Szturc

Do you share a house with someone who is destructive, messy, and anxious? Does he snap at everyone over the least thing? Is he a stress ball whenever you go anywhere together?

Does he also like to chase a ball but, lately, has been a bit gimpy about it?

Sounds like your roommate is a canine who isn’t getting enough exercise.

When dogs get older, their joints start to hurt because their bodies stop making the essential lubrication between the joints as they age. They no longer want to run around and play as much. And, when they don’t get enough exercise, they get tense. (Just like everyone else.)

Hemp can help. Hemp mixed with other herbs that help with joint pain and anxiety can help even more.

We found some great solutions to get your pup calmed down and feeling better.

Hip & Joint Support Dental Sticks for Dogs

Hip & Joint Support Dental Sticks for Dogs


As dogs get older, they start to experience hip and joint pain that can really cut into their fun. Before you go for the pharmaceuticals, though, it’s a great idea to try some natural solutions that treat the problem rather than the symptom. These treats are loaded with hers and supplements that restore and heal the material between the bones so that those joints hurt less. Turmeric and Curcumin reduce inflammation. Bone broth not onlytastes great to dogs but it restores the collagen that helps joints move freely. And Taurine is, among other things, a great antioxident.

The hemp in here helps with relaxation and pain management as well as offering an anti-inflammatory assist.

Your pup will love these treats. And so will his joints.

Pawesome Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs

Pawesome Hemp Calming Treats for Dogs


Your dog freaks out over the slightest noise. She barks incessantly when someone walks past your house. She destroys things when there is a storm. She is making you crazy.

Give her something for that. She is making herself even more crazy and all that anxiety isn’t good for her.

These chews are loaded with Hemp, Valerian Root, and Chamomile. These are all herbs known for their calming qualities. And this pup needs some of that!

Give her a chill pill STAT!

Pawfectchow Hemp + Glucosamine Treats for Dogs

Pawfectchow Hemp + Glucosamine Treats for Dogs


Your older dog looks stiff, falls down, can handle the stairs anymore, and looks at the jump into the car with the grim determination she once applied only to a serious climb.

This is because the synovial fluid that once cushioned and lubricated her joints is all used up. You could give her pain killers but that doesn’t really restore this essential lubricant. It just dulls the pain cause by its absence.

You can’t hit reverse and make her a puppy again but adding glucosamine, MSM, Hemp Oil, and chondroitin can go a long way to restoring the lubricant to her joints.

Don’t give her a pill, though. Give her something that she will enjoy. These Hem Chews are perfect.

Calming Treats for Dogs – Great Anxiety and Stress Relief

Calming Treats for Dogs


You can’t take your dog anywhere. She barks at people, jumps at other dogs, and makes everyone fret. But he gets worse if you leave her at home all the time. What can you do to break this ugly cycle?

Treats that calm her right down, that’s what. These are a powerful combination of hemp oil and hemp seed powder with soothing Melatonin, Chamomile, passionflower, thiamine (vitamin B1) ginger root, valerian root and l-tryptophan. They will take the edge off for your pup so you can work toward conditioning him to behave better.

Hemp Oil for Dogs Cats Pets, Organic Calming Dog Treats

Hemp Oil for Dogs Cats Pets


If you have trouble getting your pup to eat a treat or take a pill, consider this peanut butter flavored oil. You can mix it into her food or douse actual peanut butter with it to get the healing effects of hemp oil into her. It will calm her down, reduce inflammation, and help lubricate her aging joints. And you don’t have to fight with her to eat it.

You can dose this easily for the size of your pet, too. So if you have a cat that’s stressed or has joint pain, he can have some of this, too.

This is two bottles of the stuff so it’s a good — limited time — deal.