4 Things Every Bearded Bro Should Have

Grooming isn't just for women -- if you're rocking a beard it's time to take care of it.


Ah, beards. I’m not entirely sure if it is some sort of primal instinct, but I always gravitate to a guy with a great beard. It doesn’t matter to me if it is long or short — facial hair is sexy. What is not sexy however is when a dude has facial hair and takes zero care of it. When it’s so rough I need ointment for beard burn after kissing… my face. Yeah that’s right, face. Anyways fellas, it is 2019: Take care of your beards. And if you have one, invest in these helpful products.

The Gentleman’s Guide to Grooming: The Quintessential Handbook for the Modern Man


Start from ground zero and educate yourself on some grooming tips and techniques. There are so many styles of beards out there and learning how to take care of them is essential. This nifty handbook gives modern men a reference point on everything beard, hair and grooming related including gems like what to pack when traveling!

Ultimate Beard Care Conditioner Kit


Now that you know what look you are going for, it’s time to get your beard in prime condition. That means using a special shampoo, conditioner, oil, blam, and brush to achieve a smooth and style look. Is it extra steps? Yes. Is it worth it when your partner is willing to get all up in that face mane because of your extra steps? Also yes.

BEARDCLASS Beard Shaping Tool


With a smooth and shiney beard, now it is time to shape it up. Use this comb as a handy guide tool for getting even lines — no matter which way you prefer to shape your beard.

BEARD KING - the Official Beard Bib


What does a beard bib have to do with your grooming routine? If you live with another beardless human — EVERYTHING. As much as I appreciate a fine-ass beard, I cannot state to you how revolting it is to see tiny pices of hair all over a sink or a toilet. It’s gross and this will help you be less gross. I think the lack of mess it produces makes your beard even more attractive to your S.O. — I swear.