These Tech Backpacks Are Under $50 and Totally Legit

Got tech that needs to be carried? Don't drop your paycheck on that. There's a better way.

Unsplash / Pineapple Supply Co.

You have tech to carry. And that means you need a bag to carry it in. But is it necessary to pay almost as much for the bag as you did for the tech?

Nope. Not if you know what you are doing.

Also not if you know someone who knows that they are doing. Especially if that person is willing to pick five inexpensive backpacks that will do an awesome job at carrying and protecting all your tech.

Oh, hey! That’s us. We know. And we are totally willing to list them here for you.

Travel Laptop Backpack,Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port

Travel Laptop Backpack,Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging PortAmazon

This pack has every pocket and feature you need and it’s water resistant. It even has elasticized water-bottle pockets on the sides, which for reasons that are hard to comprehend, a lot of high-end bag makers cheap out on.

Nice features like a phone pocket, a place for your keys, and a USB charger port will make this pack a work horse that gets you smoothly through every crazy day in your future.

It comes in lots of colors. So if you are going for suit grey, camo, red, or something else, you got it.

AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack

AmazonBasics Laptop Computer BackpackAmazon

Got a big laptop? We hear you! Sometimes your work just can’t be done on a tiny portable. You need a big screen and big keyboard because … details! And once you go to a 17-inch screen, your backpack shopping gets a lot more challenging.

Here is a great, inexpensive backpack from AmazonBasics that will fit that big screen without making you feel like a Sherpa.

It also has lots of pockets, side pockets for your water bottle, and super organization so you can find everything.

Vintage Backpack for Men

Vintage Backpack for MenAmazon

Wait. You say you want a pack that makes you look stylish instead of dorkish? Of course you do! But you aren’t dumb. You don’t want to drop your whole paycheck on it. So there’s this sweet bit of baggage.

It’s made from eco-friendly canvas. It’s got a ton of pockets, including an all-important water-bottle pocket on the side. And it has a USB charging port.

Those extras—the zipper pulls and buckles—are leather. So the thing looks darn good on your back.

GEARONIC TM Men 21L Vintage Canvas Backpack

GEARONIC TM Men 21L Vintage Canvas BackpackAmazon

If you are looking to rock an Indiana Jones, WW2 Swiss military look but want all the comfort and laptop sleeve necessaries of life in the Information Age, look no further.

This canvas and leather pack is a throwback to escaping into the Alps from the Germans. It will take you all the way to the Temple of Doom. And it—and you—will look good doing it.

It fits a 15-inch laptop in the interior tech sleeve, there’s a secret pocket in the back for your phone, and those side pockets convert to water bottle pockets with the slide of a zipper.

Laptop Backpack for Men and Women

Laptop Backpack for Men and WomenAmazon

Maybe you don’t want a huge pack? You just have a small laptop, some headphones, and a phone, along with your sundries to haul back and forth every day.

This one will look nice with a work outfit, keep your gear safe because it locks, and it has a USB charger so your can keep all that gear operating on your train ride.

It comes in black and grey and the leather touches make it look way more expensive than it is.