These Are the Highest Rated Pet Supplies Under $20

Stop overpaying for quality pet supplies with these budget Amazon finds. 

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Your pet is an extension of your family. And that means that just like if they were a child or a senior relative, you want to take care of them. But that doesn’t mean that you have limitless funds to buy pet care supplies. So, does this mean that you skimp on the family pooch or cat? No, it means you get smart and stick to budget-friendly, yet highly-rated items like these finds from Amazon.

ARK NATURALS Brushless Toothpaste

Dogs and bad breath seem to be a common pair that everyone likes to joke about—but it doesn’t have to be this way. Dogs need routine dental care just like people. But a lot of dogs aren’t keen on you sticking your fingers or brush in their mouth. In between those professional vet cleanings, try the Ark Naturals dental treats. For your pup, it’s a yummy treat. But in reality, it’s a powerful dental tool. The dual texture works to remove plaque and tartar while also freshening breath. The exterior has a rough texture that cleans teeth with the chewy center made of natural toothpaste.

Pet Hair Remover Glove

Pet hair is a pain in the you-know-what. Nothing says “I own a pet” like walking around all day looking like you rolled in your cat or dog’s bed. Stay on top of shed hair and keep your pet’s coat knot-free with this Pet Hair Remover Glove. Regardless of their coat, this glove lets you to gently groom your dog and as far as they’re concerned, you’re just petting them. Cleanup is easy as the glove traps hair that you can easily lift and toss. The glove’s soft rubber tips stimulate your dog’s skin to produce oils needed to keep their coat healthy and shiny. Use this glove on wet or dry hair.

Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

Most people don’t clean their cat or dog every day. So what can you do to keep them clean between bath days? Pogi’s Grooming Wipes are hypoallergenic and ensure that the family pet isn’t sending everyone running from the hills. The wipes feature aloe vera and Vitamin E to help give your pet’s coat a healthy shine. There are a variety of scents to choose from including unscented and green tea.

Carrand Lint and Hair Removal Brush

Even if you’re the biggest pet parent advocate, you don’t want your furniture covered in pet hair. That hair can transfer onto clothes and can also imply that you don’t know how to keep your home clean. Carrand’s lint and hair removal brush keep soft surfaces free from hair without causing any damage your upholstery.

Premium Pet Dental Spray/Water Additive for Dogs Cats & Small Animals

Even if you use a dental treat as a means of keeping your pet’s mouth fresh, you still might find that they have bad breath or tartar buildup. Premium Pet dental additive is a liquid dental treatment that you can use in one of two ways. For a direct approach spray it directly on your pet’s gum line to fight plaque and tartar. But for a long-term and consistent option, add a few sprays to your pet’s water bowl. This treatment is safe for dogs, cats, and small animals.

Sabuy Collapsible Dog Cat Travel Bowl

If you’ve ever hit the road with the family pet, you know that you can hit a snag when you reach a rest stop. How is Fido or Fluffy going to drink water? If you’re the type who likes to keep their regular bowls in the house, then you should invest in these collapsible travel bowls. The Sabuy bowls come with carabiners so you can easily attach them to luggage or backpacks. The bowls collapse down to less than half an inch and can expand to just over two inches. Best of all, these come as a set of two bowls.

Downtown Pet Supply Dog Poop Bags with Leash Clip and Bag Dispenser

If you have a dog, you know the drill. Dogs need to go. And when they do, you need to clean up behind them. Be prepared with this functional set of poop bags and leash clip dispenser. Each roll contains 20 rolls and you can purchase these in sets ranging from 180 bags (nine rolls) to 2,200 bags (110 rolls). The bag dispenser easily attaches to your leash, ensuring that you’ll never take your pup for a walk and forget to have a bag on hand. Choose between solid variety packs of colors or paw prints.

Outward Hound Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Do you have a dog that eats too fast and then either eliminates most of the food or struggles with bloat? If the answer is yes, you might be wondering how you can get them to slow down at mealtime. The Outward Hound Slow Feeder dog bowl is designed to look like a maze and it forces your pup to eat slowly. Mealtime becomes fun for your dog as they must root through the maze design. But most importantly, they’ll eat up to 10 times slower—improving digestion and eliminating bloat. The nonslip base ensures that your pup won’t struggle too much while they eat. Available in three sizes (x-small, small, and large), it’s easy to find the right bowl for your dog’s breed and size.

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