Say Goodbye to the Cat Litter Box as You Know It

Kitty Poo Club Sends You a Fresh, All-in-One Disposable Litter Box Each Month

Owning a cat is one of life’s great joys, but it’s inextricably linked to one of life’s great pains: The litter box. Short of training your cat to use the toilet, there’s just no way around having to change a litter box. But a new monthly subscription service called the Kitty Poo Club makes it easier than ever before, and at a bargain price. It costs just $21.49 per month, which is less than some traditional bags of cat litter will cost at the store.

The Kitty Poo Club - a Disposable, Monthly Cat Litter Subscription Box

What sets the Kitty Poo Club apart is its disposable, biodegradable cardboard litter box which is treated with an FDA-approved waterproof coating. It comes with a sealed tray that prevents leaks, and a new box arrives every month, delivered right to your door. So rather than constantly cleaning that nasty, old reusable box, you just toss the whole thing in the trash and start fresh once a month.

The other key component of the Kitty Poo Club’s monthly boxes is the litter itself. It’s a specially developed fine-grain mineral litter that allows water from cat urine to evaporate quickly, leaving the remaining waste (and odors) behind. Unlike traditional kitty litter, all you have to do is “stir the litter regularly and remove poo.” No washing, rinsing, or scraping is required. At the end of the month when your new box arrives, just toss out the old one, and your cat won’t even know the difference.

Each Kitty Poo Club box is filled with a generous 7.5 pounds of premium litter, and the $21.49 monthly fee includes shipping and handling. Not bad for less than what most cat owners spend on normal litter on a monthly basis.

Have multiple cats? No problem! The Kitty Poo Club reports that many of its satisfied customers own two, three, or even 10 cats. All you do when you sign up is say how many cats you have, and your Kitty Poo Club shipment will include the necessary number of boxes. You can adjust the number of boxes in your shipment at any time. And KPC also offers a bulk discount for higher quantities of boxes.

About those boxes — nobody expects much in the way of cosmetic value when it comes to litter boxes, but the Kitty Poo Club prides itself on litter boxes that are almost works of art. They’re designed to fit in visually with pretty much any surroundings, and new patterns are introduced seasonally.

So head over to the Kitty Poo Club site now and sign up. Provide your email address, and you can even get a 15-percent discount on your first box.