4 Men’s Grooming Products You’ve Been Missing Out On

Self-care is mandatory.

Unsplash / Patrick Coddou

When it comes to grooming and shaving, it can be hard to know where to begin. Maybe your father or grandfather showed you how they’ve always done it. Maybe your mother gave you your first nice beard trimmer. Regardless, not all things stay the same and eventually the time comes for you to adapt your own way of doing things to your grooming regimen. But where do you begin?

I might not be related to you, but I do know a thing or two about recommending high quality products to people who would benefit from them. Below, you’ll find my favorite grooming products to gift to the men in my life that would otherwise be lost without me. Overly self-assured? Maybe, but no one has come back with a complaint that a recommended product didn’t perform as I described and what’s more is that they have come back saying that their new grooming regimen and self-care praxis is the highlight of their day. So now I share with you.

The Can’t Miss Electric Shaver for a Great Price

Why We Picked It: For $90 less than retail price, this electric shaver is a steal. Using Intelligent Sonic technology to automatically adjust the power and speed of the razor in difficult areas or areas with fuller hair and combining it with an ActiveLift trimmer to catch flat lying hairs that would ordinarily be hard to reach, the Braun Series 7 electric shaver will give you your best shave yet. 100% waterproof for worry-free use in the shower and more.

The 5-Star Kit That Has It All

Why We Picked It: Why buy separate what you can purchase as a set? The biggest selling points for this fully comprehensive beard grooming kit include the handy pocket-sized book on beard grooming, the welcome addition of scissors, the easy-to-store inclusion of the keepsake tin box, and the affordable price tag. You can give this gift to yourself, your groomsmen or your friend for their next birthday.

the Shampoo and Conditioner Set You Can Get in Any Size That Works for You

Why We Picked It: Formulated with moisturizing Aloe and Argan Oil, this luxurious set of beard shampoo and conditioner uses tea tree, rosemary, peppermint oil, manuka honey, biotin and more to provide you with the best smelling and fullest beard you’ve ever had. There’s bad hair days and there’s bad beard days. With this set, never have a bad beard day again. Available in 4 ounce sizing for convenient travel, 8 ounce sizing for leaving at your girlfriend’s house and 16 fluid ounce sizing for stocking up at home, now you have no excuse not to look your best.

The Great Smelling Shaving Cream That Will Keep You Free From Irritation

Why We Picked It: Ask anyone right know what their favorite scents are and most people—who are able to answer—will probably list sandalwood in their top 5 scents. Even if they don’t realize it, sandalwood is a hugely popular scent in men’s colognes, hair care products, candles and more. Not only is this shaving cream beautifully scented with all natural sandalwood essential oil, but the rest of the ingredients are all-natural and never tested on animals. So not only will you get a great shave that doesn’t include nicks and uncomfortable razor burn, but you feel good about it while you do it.