5 T-Shirts Only "Lord of the Rings" Fans Will Understand

Find the one t-shirt to rule them all (and to help spot other Tolkien mega-fans). 


In the darkest depths of the Internet lies the one t-shirt to rule them all… Ok, maybe not the darkest depths, but you get the gist. Lord of the Rings fans are without a doubt some of the most die-hard “nerds” around. And while the trilogy is exciting, action-packed, and full of long descriptions of mythic scenery, it is also undeniably witty. It’s probably why any time a LOTR fan spots a punny piece of fan flare, they have to buy it.

We rounded up some of the best we could find — which are sure to help you spot a fellow fan. Just look for the only other dude in the room chuckling.

##1.Bullshirt Men’s Moria Mining Company T-Shirt


The Mines of Moria might have succumb to being a dangerous mountain passage full of sea monsters and goblins, but before then it was a thriving dwarf-controlled mountain. We imagine the Dwarf miners’ union would be rocking these tees. Any LOTR fan will completely get the joke, and will definitely want to know where you snagged it from.

##2.Go All Out Adult The Seven Daily Meals T-Shirt


We all like to think we have a little Hobbit in us — brave, loyal, true. But to be real, the most Hobbit-like thing about us is our penchant for food. What’s more #relateable than Pippin’s concern for his second breakfast? Detailing all the important meals in a day, this Tolkien tee is perfect for anyone who lives for a good (or several good) meals.

##3.Bees Knees Tees Mordor Middle Earth Fun Run T-Shirt Cotton


Do all your friends endlessly rock their marathon t-shirts in an attempt to humblebrag their fitness wins? Show them up with this fun run shirt. Sure, your friends did a 5k without passing out, but did they deliver a cursed ring to the fiery depths of a mountain overrun by Orcs and killer spiders? I think not.

##4.GEEK TEEZ Prancing Pony Barliman’s Best Men’s T-Shirt


Every hipster in the world owns at least on brewery shirt. Show them up with this original Prancing Pony tee complete with a subtle line from the first LOTR film that made everyone giggle. Who knows, maybe a mysterious Strider will emerge from the shadows to help you complete a quest or something cool. One can dream.

##5.Tenacitee Men’s and My Axe! T-ShirT


Gimli fans will pledge their love to this tee just like Gimli selflessly offered Frodo and the Fellowship his axe. All one can hope for is passersby to shout “And my sword!” “And my bow” as they spot this t-shirt. That’s how you’ll know you’ve found your people.

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