The Coffee Subscription to Upgrade Your Morning Cup

Try a new coffee from around the world every month

Atlas Coffee Club

Coffee is grown in more than 50 countries around the world. And just like wine from different regions tastes different, so does coffee.

If you’re already wondering how Kenyan coffee tastes different than coffee from Ethiopia, Atlas Coffee Club sounds like your kind of subscription service.

Atlas Coffee Club offers a “world coffee tour,” where it sends subscribers coffee from a different country every month. You don’t just get coffee with your subscription, however. You get coffee packed in a unique bag designed to reflect the culture of the nation your coffee comes from. You’ll also get a postcard from the country filled with details about the local coffee industry, flavor notes to help you experience the coffee’s full flavor profile, and brewing instructions so you know the best way to brew each bean.

The coffee from Atlas is made from the highest-quality coffee beans from each country and roasted to bring out the distinctive flavors of the bean. This isn’t mass-produced coffee like you find at your grocery store. In fact, the beans are typically roasted and bagged the day they are sent out to subscribers.

While Atlas runs a subscription service, you have a lot of say in what you get. You select how much coffee you want to receive (6-ounce bag, 12-ounce bag, or multiple 12-ounce bags). You decide if you want a shipment every two weeks or every four weeks. You choose the roast you prefer (light to medium, medium to dark, or all roast types). And you select whether to receive whole beans or grounds.

If you change your mind about any of those details, it’s very easy to make adjustments to your account.

With each new box from Atlas Coffee Club, you get the opportunity to taste the unique flavors of a country you may never get to visit. Or as Atlas says, it’s “a new adventure in every cup.”