CBD Honey Sticks From EMPE Are an Easy, Delicious Way to Take CBD 

Add them to your favorite food & drinks, or just eat them on their own.

Unsplash / Lindsay Moe

The benefits of CBD oil have become well known and almost household knowledge by this point, but there are still new forms of CBD products coming out all the time. One cool one is the CBD Honey Stick from EMPE, which gives you a potent dose of CBD (and all the benefits that go with it) in a convenient and delicious form. And it’s available now in packs of 25 for $69.99.

**CBD Honey Sticks, 10MG Each, 25 Individually Wrapped Sticks for $69.99

You’re probably familiar with CBD gummies, one of the most popular CBD products in the industry. But CBD Honey Sticks go one better, allowing users to mix a handy serving of CBD-infused honey with their morning bowl of oatmeal, or coffee, or just crack it open and drink it plain like a healthier version of one of those old Nik-L-Nip wax soda pop candy bottles you might remember from your childhood. Whatever way you choose to consume it, you can be certain you’re getting a full dose of CBD, and in fact each Honey Stick is so potent that EMPE recommends sticking to no more than two pieces every six hours.

CBD Honey Sticks From EMPE

EMPE’s CBD oil products have been lab tested and verified to carry the beneficial effects of a CBD regimen, like pain relief, without any of the psychoactive effects associated with cannabis usage (and which come from THC rather than CBD). If eggheads don’t impress you, take a look at a few reviews from satisfied customers, per EMPE’s official online store:

“I am hooked to EMPE CBd products. I first tried the gummies, now I alternate between Gummy Bear and Honeysticks. They are great and everyone should try them.” - Charles Christopher

“My wife first got the Honeysticks and initially I was reluctant, but once I tried it for the first time it was love at first bite. Terrific product, will definitely recommend to family and friends.” - Dennis

“There is no arguing the fact that this is probably the best way to administer CBD oil. It’s sweet, natural and non-toxic. Thumbs up.” - Kenneth

**Try EMPE CBD Honey Sticks Right Now

Now, you can get EMPE CBD Honey Sticks in packs of 25 priced at $69.99. They’re small enough to be taken pretty much anywhere you go, and versatile enough flavorwise to go with anything you’d eat or drink with regular honey.

As the old saying goes, “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down,” and in this case each spoonful contains 10mg of miraculous CBD hemp oil, all 100 percent natural and derived from organic industrial hemp. Grab some today, right here at the EMPE USA online store.