'Veronica Mars' Season 4: 4 Burning Fan Questions It Will Definitely Answer

Neptune has a new mystery to solve and a lot of questions to answer.

Veronica Mars is back, and the Season 4 revival packs a lot of nostalgia, along with a new mystery for our beloved private investigator to solve. Five years after we last saw her, Veronica is still in Neptune, solving the town’s never-ending mysteries. Mars Investigations is doing alright for itself, though the police are still reluctant to work with Keith. With Neptune being the new hot spot for college spring breakers (much to the annoyance of several characters), Veronica has a new case on her hands after the Sea Sprite Motel is bombed.

For better or worse, Veronica Mars harkens back to the original run of the series, but with a new mystery also comes a host of new questions the series introduces and answers throughout Season 4.

Well, we’ve watched all of Veronica Mars Season 4. So here are four questions you can expect to see answered. But don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything for you in this article.

Keith's health isn't what it used to be, but he's still very dedicated to his job.

Michael Desmond/Hulu

4. How Is Keith Mars Doing Post-Accident?

Keith Mars was in a terrible car accident during the events of the Veronica Mars movie, and he hasn’t quite recovered from it five years later. Not only does he have to use a cane to walk, but he’s been having memory lapses as well.

Obviously, he’s one of two of the most important people in Veronica’s life, and the father/daughter duo are as close as ever. Veronica, however, is worried about her dad’s health, even though Keith brushes off any concern in hopes that he won’t worry her. Still, Keith himself is worried given his frustration with his memory slips and even considers closing Mars Investigations because of it. Fear not, though, Keith’s health won’t be put on the back-burner, and the reasons for his memory loss will be revealed.

Veronica and Logan are finally in a stable relationship.

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3. What Does Veronica and Logan’s Dynamic Relationship Look Like Now?

This is a loaded question. It’s safe to say that Veronica and Logan had a very tumultuous relationship during the original run of the show. The movie brought them back together, and five years later, they’re still dating and are no longer on-again/off-again.

In fact, it’s probably the most stable they’ve ever been, and Season 4 finally allows them to reach some semblance of normalcy. Logan is in therapy for his anger issues, and there are attempts made for both him and Veronica to go to couples therapy. It seems like they’ve reached some middle ground, and the show does its best to develop Logan as a person instead of leaving his progress in the past. The couple still has their ups and downs, however, and their behaviors (mainly Veronica’s) will affect the status of their foundation, as well as the future of their relationship.

Matty comes to Veronica and Keith for help with the Neptune bombings.

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2. Who Is Matty Ross, and Will Veronica Mentor Her?

Yes, Veronica gets to play mentor to newcomer Matty Ross (Izabela Vidovic), who lost her dad in the motel bombing and has many of the traits Veronica did as a teenager. Obviously, being a Veronica-lite character is a draw for our titular hero. Veronica takes Matty under her wing, helps her battle the anger she has over losing her dad, and trains her in the ways of becoming a P.I.

Matty is just as resourceful as Veronica and finds some of her own answers by snooping and researching. Veronica and Matty’s relationship is probably one of the best things about the revival and allows Veronica to engage a bit more meaningfully with someone besides her dad and Logan. Bonus points for that someone being another woman. In Matty, the show may have found the right person to help carry on the torch and help out at Mars Investigations, paving the way for another budding private investigator — and another season even, without Kristen Bell.

Leo D'Amato is back in more than a cameo role. 

Michael Desmond/Hulu

Does Leo D’Amato’s Return Mean There’s a Love Triangle?

Sort of. No offense to Logan, but former detective Leo D’Amato is definitely one of Veronica’s most memorable boyfriends. His return in Season 4 is a breath of fresh air, and worry not, his appearance is not relegated to a cameo.

Leo (New Girl’s Max Greenfield) finds his way back to Neptune to work on the case of the Sea Sprite bombing. As an FBI agent, he’s in the big leagues now, but that doesn’t stop him from bringing Veronica food as their “running joke” in exchange for information. His presence seems to rekindle some old feelings in Veronica, and they have their fair share of scenes together (one that includes her opening up to him about her relationship with Logan), but it doesn’t play out like a full-fledged love triangle even though it’s very much implied. It’s safe to say Leo’s return is somewhat of a wake-up call for Veronica with regards to her relationship with Logan.

There’s clearly a lot to unpack in Season 4 of Veronica Mars, and these questions and answers are only the tip of the iceberg. With the intrepid private investigator back on duty after five years, the eight-episode revival will have a lot more for fans to chew on once the season starts.

Veronica Mars Season 4 premieres July 26 on Hulu.