Buy This Fancy-as-Heck Robo Vacuum for a Discount on Prime Day

Sit back, relax, and let this robot vacuum clean for you. 


Vacuuming is a chore none of us like to do. It’s tedious, it’s physically taxing when you’ve got a huge area to cover, and sometimes we just don’t have time to do it. But why spend time cleaning when you could just have a robot do it for you?

Amazon was likely thinking the same thing when the retailer decided to put the Proscenic M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner on sale as a Prime Day deal. It’s set to launch on the most coveted day of all sale days, and you’ll be able to get your very own.

Proscenic M7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This bad boy has a laser distance sensor that scans your house in 360 degrees so it can create an internal map of what your house looks like and never lose its way again. That way, it can wake itself up on schedule in the dead of night and get to cleaning, all while you’re snoozing away. Hey, it’s a robot. It doesn’t need sleep.

It can also connect to Alexa, so you can control it directly from your favorite smartphone or mobile device to turn ti off and on, manage its movements, schedule it to clean for you, and even create custom maps and areas it’s not “allowed” to roll into. With a powerful vacuum housed in its sleek round body, it will clean until it’s drained its battery, and even return to its base station to charge itself. When it’s charged up all the way, it will also come out of “hibernation” to finish the job it started if it happens to die in the middle of working.

It’ll be on sale during Prime Day, so if you’ve ever dreamt of having something like a robotic maid to clean up after you, this might be the closest you’re ever going to get. With that said, better snap it up while you can for the sale price.