This Gaming Chair Is a Prime Day Launch and We Are Stoked for It

Take care of your game-- and your back--with a chair that's designed to get you in the game

Unsplash / Florian Olivo

Where do you sit when you game? Is it the sort of perch the captain of a space ship would sit in to command intergalactic space battles?


Wait. What?

It’s time for an upgrade!

Launching on Amazon Prime Day, this gaming chair is exactly the sort of ergonomic, versatile, and empowering seat that will elevate your response times, eliminate the aches and pains associated with long campaigns, and make you feel like you are in the game.

RESPAWN-800 Racing Style Gaming Rocker Chair, Rocking Gaming Chair

RESPAWN-800 Racing Style Gaming Rocker Chair, Rocking Gaming ChairAmazon

Couch slouching won’t help your game. You need something responsive! You need a place that will allow you to swing around and see what’s behind you, what’s behind that burned out building, what ships are circling in your periphery.

If you are turning your game room into an actual control center, this is the seat for that.

RESPAWN-800 Racing Style Gaming Rocker Chair, Rocking Gaming ChairAmazon

This chairwas designed—low and with back support—to get you into the game without making you hunch over.

So, all fantasies of space battles aside, consider the ergonomics. If you spend more than a few hours a week gaming, you can do serious harm to your neck, back, and hands by sitting in an awkward position while you do it.

Just as you set up a work station to sit in front of a computer, you should also consider the ergonomics of your gaming setup. Any time you do an activity that is immersive — so that you stay in the same position for long periods of time — looking to the ergonomics of your seating is a good idea — and a good investment. Recovering from repetitive strain injuries is much, much harder than preventing them.