Finally, You Can Snuggle Your Pet Over the Internet

Your pet wants you to pay attention to her even when you aren't home. Now you can.

Unsplash / Krista Mangulsone

Your pet gave you those big, sad eyes when you left this morning. That’s when the guilt started. The guilt that gnaws at you all day. It’s eating at you now.

At work, it’s break time. But your options, for break entertainment, are bleak. Eat a cookie you shouldn’t eat. Talk to a coworker who irritates you, slightly. Go for a walk. Shop online. If only you could take a quick break and cuddle that adorable fuzz ball who is probably tearing up your carpet right now.

You can!

Yep. the internet has finally arrived—at long last—at a place that enables you to visit with your pet while you are at work. All that technology! Who knew it would be used for something so seemingly silly but also super important! (The pets did. They are our overlords! They rule the internet! They have been working on this for decades! They rule the internet! They have been working on this for decades.)

You just need to buy the interface! And you are good to go!

Petcube Bites 2: Smart Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser

Petcube Bites 2: Smart Pet Camera with Treat DispenserAmazon

This is the interface: The Petcube Bites 2. The Petcube Bites 2. It’s in a newly revised version and easily acquired from Amazon on Prime Day.

Once you own it, just load it up with treats before you leave the house. When it’s break time at work, open the app on your phone and look in on your furry friend. The two-way sounds lets you call her out from wherever she ‘s sleeping. (This new version 2 has much-improved sound quality.) Now you can see her on your phone through the camera at home.

But here’s the fun part. Using the app on your phone — and a fling skill you mastered playing Angry Birds — toss her a treat. You can throw it close or far. You can try to get it right where she can catch it or toss it gently to the floor.

It’s fun. And she will, chow hound that she is, obviously love this game.

Petcube Bites 2: Smart Pet Camera with Treat DispenserAmazon

It’s not just for fun, though. A pet that’s home alone can get into all sorts of trouble. If she starts screaming — even if you aren’t paying attention — the app will alert you so you can look in on her and see what’s up.

If she’s hurt, you will know sooner. If she is lonely, you can talk to her or tell Alexa to put on some music for her. If she’s alerting you to an intruder or a problem at home, her efforts won’t be wasted.

Succumb to your furry overlord and buy her one of these!