5 Incredible Products on Amazon Perfect for Your Teeth

Amazon Prime Day is almost here and that means it's time to stock up on goodies! Keep your smile healthy and bright with these Prime Day sale predictions.

Unsplash / Goby

Everyone wants a healthy white smile, and they know that it’s not going to happen magically without the right tools. While your dentist can give you a professional cleaning every six months, there are still things you can do to ensure that you keep plaque buildup at a minimum, that your breath smells good, and that your teeth look white and bright. With Amazon Prime Day around the corner, that means this is the perfect time to stock up on dental supplies. While official dental and oral care deals haven’t been released, based on previous Prime Day sales, these are some items with current deals that can help preserve your smile and that we predict will make the Prime Day list.

FAMILIFE Dental Floss Picks Mint Flavor

Flossing is one of those critical steps that many of us skip because it’s too tedious or it’s a pain to wind the floss around your fingers and get in there. But there’s really no excuse not to do so. When food particles are left between spaces in your teeth, that’s where plaque can build up. And if left for too long, you can encourage tooth decay, gum disease or worse. So, if carrying a spool of floss isn’t your jam, the Familife floss picks are a travel-friendly way to make sure that your recent meals don’t hang around longer than they should. Available in a four-pack for a total of 240 floss picks, you can save 10% when you use the code CCKKV899 at checkout.

INCOK Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper

Most of us have a habit of not cleaning our tongues as we should. But your tongue can harbor bacteria that leads to bad breath and encourages plaque growth. The Incok tongue scraper gives you a nice, thorough cleaning and is easy to use. The stainless steel material makes this product easy to clean and won’t rust either. Meanwhile, the wide and curved scraper gives you more control and ensures that more surface area is covered. Available in two and four-packs, you can currently save five percent by applying the coupon either while on the product page or during checkout.

MosPro Water Flosser

We get it, flossing isn’t necessarily the most exciting way to spend a few minutes, but your mouth will really thank you if you do. If traditional floss and even floss picks still aren’t something you like using, you might prefer a water flosser. Water flossing is just as effective as traditional string floss but it allows for you to efficiently get between teeth without concerns of injuring your gums from being too aggressive with string. The MosPro water flosser is battery operated and features a fully opening water tank for easy cleaning, three pulse modes for improved functionality, and a 360-degree rotating head so you can even reach those hard to clean areas in the back. Right now you can save an extra 10% when you apply the coupon on the product page or during checkout.

Oral-B Pro 500 Smartseries Electric Toothbrush

With all the other tools we mentioned, it only makes sense that you should also have a good quality toothbrush on hand. If you’re considering upgrading from a manual or just need to level up to a newer electric model, the Oral-B Pro 500 offers Bluetooth connectivity to give you real-time feedback on your toothbrush skills. This means it can let you know if you’re brushing too hard, or too light to actually remove plaque. This toothbrush also features a visible pressure sensor that’s activated when you’re using too much pressure. Right now you can save $15 of the total purchase price when you activate the coupon either on the product page or during checkout.

Crest 3D Whitestrips Vivid Plus

Assuming you’re brushing your teeth and flossing after every meal, you’re well on your way to a healthy smile. But if you’re someone who drinks coffee or eats any myriad of foods known for their staining power, you might need a little help to get back to a white smile. Crest 3D Whitestrips are well known for their effective yet gentle ability to lift as much as five years worth of surface stains from your teeth. The Vivid Plus edition gives you two options to whiten your teeth. With the Classic Vivid strips, you can whiten your teeth in 10 days with 30 minutes of wear each day. But this pack also includes a sample of their 1 Hour Express option. Wearing the strips for seven days, an hour each day will give you that bright smile in less time. Right now you can save $10.00 off the total purchase price when you activate the coupon on the product page or during checkout.