Metal Posters > Paper Posters. Check These Out.

You will be spoiled for choice in this amazing collection of imagery, printed to metal and ready to hang

Unsplash / Florencia Viadana

Posters are a democratic art form. It doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can have ‘em on your walls. Heck, even an unemployed middle schooler can stick a poster to a wall.

But that cheapskate approach is not what you want. You want posters, sure. But no sticky tape or thumb tacks for you. No torn edges. And you certainly don’t want to walk into someone else’s home and see the same poster you have on their walls.

You want these amazing metal posters from Displate!

They are just as democratic as old-school paper posters but you don’t have to worry about how to frame them, mount them, or hang them. They are printed on metal and come with a slick mounting system. So the hardest part is choosing. And the selection is vast that you might have trouble with that.

Here are 5 ideas to get you started.

The Little prince

The Little princeDisplate

Choose from Displate’s For Book Lovers collection to adorn your library, the kids’ room, or just to show what you love.

The Little Prince is a wonderful childhood story that explains the nature of love. Mandatory reading for children who want to grow up wise and accepting. And it’s full of lovely illustrations. This print captures the wistful prince as he contemplates space travel, the nature of love and boredom, and roses.

Metallic Octopus II

Displate has 275 posters in the Nature collection. This beautiful octopus print is only one of several that depict octopus. You could line your space in beautiful imagery taken from nature and barely tap this body of work.

Each one is printed on metal and ready to hang. (They have a very slick magnentic mounting system that takes seconds.) You could create a study in cephalopods, birds, the ocean, or whatever you obsess over.

The explorer

The explorerDisplate

Want to bend some minds? Shop in the “Thought of Organization” collection at Displate. Who knows what that even means but you will have time to contemplate it if you hang some of this work on your walls. Strange landscapes, big questions, no assumption that you will ever be able to solve the mysteries of the universe, only that you will continue to question.



Looking for a change in perspective? Shop the NASA collection. Shots of space, from space, of the vehicles that get you to space. There are some interiors of space crafts, some nature shots, and plenty of mind-bending perspectives on the horizon.

You could create an entire wall display from here that would offer you the opportunity to contemplate the amazing fact that humans have managed to escape the atmosphere and get into space.

No069 My Reservoir Dogs minimal movie poster

No069 My Reservoir Dogs minimal movie posterDisplate

The Minimal Movie Poster Collection contains over 1,000 posters. Choose the movies you love. Choose the movies that reflect the them of the room you are decorating. Create a wall of movies in the TV room. Have at it and have fun because there are so many movies to choose from here you will never be done collecting.

They are all spare and clean. This one from Reservoir Dogs tells a story. But you sort of have to have seen the movie to get that story.