You Can Hang Out With Your Pet When You're Not Even Around

You miss your pet when you leave. She misses you. Here's what to do about that.

Unsplash / Allie Smith

What happens when you leave the house? Does your cat wander the house pathetically calling your name (in Feline)? Does your dog go back to bed and sleep where you don’t let him?

And how do you do? Are you spending most of your day with humans you barely like while your pet sits at home wondering why you aren’t there to play, cuddle, and talk to? Does this make you sad and lonely? Does this make you sad and lonely?

You know how, at work, you take a little break now and then to look up some obscure fact on the internet, do a little online shopping, or play a quick game? You could put those moments to better use by visiting virtually with your pet.

Here’s how.

First you need a Petcube. You have a couple of choices. You have a couple of choices.

Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy

Petcube Play Smart Pet Camera with Interactive Laser Toy


The Petcube Play lets you look in on your pet from an app on your phone. You can see what she’s up to and even chat with her. (This will certainly freak her out the first time you do it.) You can also hear what she has to say. So if she is running around the house crying because you are away, you will know about it.

From the phone app, you can even play with a laser to make her get up off the couch and have a bit of fun. She will soon forget that she is home alone. She might start to believe in magic or ghosts but she probably already does believe in those things so that’s okay.

Petcube Bites

This Petcube lets you look in on your pet from anywhere, see what sort of devilish antics he is up to, hear him, talk to him, and give him a treat.

It also has sound detection so, even if you aren’t paying attention, you will hear if he starts to go crazy barking or crying. This could help you avoid many pet-related problems and it just gives you some peace of mine when you aren’t home.

The treat-flinging part of the Petcube Bites, though, is aweseome. He will certainly learn to like technology.

Now you can visit with your pet, play with her, give him a treat, and generally make him or her believe in aliens, ghosts, and — most of all — technology and your ability to master the universe.

Nicely done!