The Benefits Of CBD and How to Get It Delivered To Your Door

No need to find a local supplier. You can have CBD delivered, discreetly, to your door.

CBD taps into your body’s master regulatory system, which is why it has been hailed as a cure for anxiety, sleeplessness, pain, and many other ailments.

It’s not “pot,” which is both illegal in many states and too much of a high to use when you need to work,, drive, drive, operate machinery or otherwise function like a non-stoner, though it is derived from a related plant. It has been formulated to tap into the part of your brain that experiences anxiety or pain and calm it right down without getting you “high.”

You can consume it by smoking the oil through a vaporizer, eating the oil by mixing it with a beverage or putting it into food, and by wearing a patch infused with CBD oil, and by wearing a patch infused with CBD oil.

Eaze Wellness packages CBD oil in a variety of ways meant to target what ails you. And - here’s the best part — you can get it delivered directly to you.

No. You don’t have to go into some local shop and worry that you will run into your child’s Kindergarten teacher in there. Just order online.

Flower Derived Full-Spectrum CBD Gels - 30mg

Curious? Not sure you want to commit your mad money to this? Here’s an easy starter pack. Take a small dose, see how you feel. No harm in that, right?

This is a two-pill package of full-spectrum CBD. It’s two doses. Throw it in your carry on if you are going on a trip. Try one and see if you like it.

Keep in mind, though, for anxiety and similar states of mind, CBD is build-able, which means you’ll do better if you take it every day for a while to see how it works. But if you are situationally nervous, rather than full-on anxious, this is a great way to test the CBD waters.

Plant People Everyday CBD Capsules - 450mg](

Plant People Everyday CBD Capsules - 450mg

Eaze Wellness

Ready to reclaim your mood from that anxiety that follows you, relentlessly, everywhere? Done snapping at people because some insane part of your brain is telling you that you are experiencing an emergency?

Yeah, we get you.

Try taking one of these every day. It’s a lovely hemp, grown outdoors, and mixed with magnesium citrate to calm your nerves and reset your normal state to something less stressed.

Isodiol Bioactive Sleep Caps

Isodiol Bioactive Sleep Caps

Eaze Wellness

Sleep. Perchance to dream? It seems like something to avoid until it starts to avoid you. Then sleep becomes the unattainable dream. Sleeplessness can ruin your night and your day. And, when you lie there unable to sleep, you know it will ruin your day and there seems to be nothing you can do about it.

Oh, yes there is!

You don’t need to drug yourself stupid to get some shut eye. You just need to take a mild CBD sleep formula that lets your brain stop and go to sleep.

These pills contain a sleep-inducing combination of herbs, adaptogens, melatonin and ISO99 that makes sleep happen.

Isodiol Bioactive Xtend Caps

Isodiol Bioactive Xtend Caps

Eaze Wellness

Ready to work some of the pain-releiving brilliance of CBD into your post-workout recovery routine?

These Xtend Caps have a sporty mix of Glucosamine HCI, Turmeric Root Powder, Chondroitin, Corydalis, Peony Root, Angelica Sinensis, Artemisia, Achyranthes and Hemp il to dial back your pain, speed up recovery, and get you back at it faster.

You just take one or two capsules daily if you ache or take a couple when you overdid it.

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Patch

Mary's Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Patch

Eaze Wellness

Maybe pills aren’t for you. How about a patch. Just pull it out of the package and slap it onto any area of skin where you can see veins. It will deliver it’s calming CBD oil goodness right to your system, bypassing your stomach and digestion altogether.

Great for anyone who gets nauseous from taking supplements or for situations where you want instant relief from your anxiety or pain.