Seriously Upgrade Your Home Theater With This Incredible Headset

Cinera Uses a Dual-screen Solution to Provide Stunning Picture Clarity

There’s nothing like seeing a movie in a theater, even if you have to put up with sticky floors and rambunctious kids – at least there was nothing like it, until now.

The Cinera Headset is changing all that by providing you with a theater-like immersive experience in your own home. Cinera simply does everything better than the competition, offering a stunning video experience like you’ve never seen before.

If you’re into numbers, they definitely tell the Cinera story, so here you go:

• 66-degree field of vision.

• 2.5K super high-resolution Ultra HD image quality on dual screens.

• 39 pixels per degree, three times what any competitor offers.

• Four times sharper picture than any of its competitors.

What’s behind the numbers The Cinera headset is an Android-powered video headset that uses a dual screen solution to provide the best home theater experience possible. You get a display panel for each eye, optimized for movie viewing, and you see 95 percent of the pixels. Other headsets have just one screen that’s split down the middle, and you see less than half the screen when you’re watching something in a traditional movie aspect ratio. What a waste of pixels.

The pixels per degree number (PPD) is another way to measure quality of the video display. The higher the PPD, the better the quality. Just compare Cinera’s 39 PPD to the 11.5 PPD you get from Oculus.

The Cinera is also great for gaming. Hook it up to a gaming console, Blu-ray player, or your computer and get an amazing picture.

Cinera’s designers didn’t stop at providing breathtaking video. They thought of everything, like a burden-free arm so you don’t have wear a headset to use the goggles. The arm is equipped with a built-in pump that allows you to move it into position without a lot of effort, whether you want to watch standing, sitting, or lying down.

Other accessories available include a first-person-view head mount, exchangeable face cushion masks, and a 2-in-1 remote that has standard controls on one side and a full keyboard on the other.

With home viewing this good, you might say goodbye to sticky movie theater floors and overpriced popcorn forever.