TikTok Is Where the Wild Memes Are

It's a breeding ground for creativity. 


“Hit or miss! I guess they never miss!” “Here’s the [expletive] tea!” “Want to do the microwave challenge?” “Can you hit the woah?” These are just some of the things the younger generation says to each other these days, and when taken out of context, you would never guess what they’re talking about.

Of course, they’re not spewing nonsense. They are talking in memes, and in recent months, all the memes and pop culture trends have been coming from one source and one source alone: TikTok.

Maybe you’re already aware of it, or maybe you just choose not to, but either way, TikTok is inescapable at this point. To the uninitiated, it’s a different yet fascinating type of social media platform in which users can create videos in 15 to 60-second increments. Most videos are set to the tune of pop songs, but you can also incorporate AR filters and visual effects.

TikTok is slowly securing its rightful place in pop culture history. It’s gotten so big that millennials are even willing to let their unsuspecting parents revel in this social media wonder.

A huge part of TikTok’s appeal is that it’s a breeding ground for creativity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a creator or merely a casual lurker, you won’t be able to look away from the hundreds and thousands of videos circulating within the app. TikTok is the antidote to the perfectly curated posts of Instagram, and its beauty is within the chaos and mess.

Whether you’re looking to find out the next viral meme ahead of everyone else or just want to laugh until it hurts, trust TikTok to serve some of the best content you’ll ever see in your life. Download it here.