5 Slim Wallets That Hold More Than You Think

Stop putting junk in your pocket. If it goes in there, it should be perfection.

Unsplash / La Compagnie Robinson

What’s in your wallet? Do you really need all of that crap every day? What about that ding in your butt? Do you need that?

A slim wallet will fit in your front pocket. You hardly know it’s there. And it’s safe from thieves. It won’t give you a cramp when you drive. And, given that you everyone already has a phone, slim wallet have become the defacto answer to pocket overload.

Get rid of those loyalty cards, that condom you put in there in Freshman year, and that love note from your mother. (That should be on your dresser or in a frame anyway.) There are better places for those. Your pocket is the ultimate prime real estate. A beautiful slim wallet, carrying only what you need, is a much, much better use of that space.

Zitahli Slim & Minimalist Bifold Front Pocket Wallet with Strong Magnet Money Clip

Zitahli Slim & Minimalist Bifold Front Pocket Wallet with Strong Magnet  Money Clip


This slim card holder sports a build-in money clip for those who still believe that cash is king. Put your ID and the card you use most often in the front. You’ll still have room for that backup club membership card or your backup credit card.

Slim, functional, and super affordable. This is a great way to find out if the slim wallet concept is for you.



Touch of Modern

Slim and classy. If you consider that pocket of yours the most prime real estate in your life, wouldn’t you put something very nice in there? That’s not where you put some cheap item you don’t love. If the apocalypse happens while you are out, that wallet might be the only thing you have left of all your nice things.

Splurge on some Italian leather and thoughtful design! This isn’t the most expensive or luxurious slim wallet out there. It’s just right. An indulgence. Not foolishness. It comes in black, brown, and tan.

There’s room for a couple of cards and a few bills. Do you need more than that?

Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet

Tanner Goods Minimal Card Wallet


Tanner Goods in an old-school creator of durable leather goods and this minimalist wallet is a great example of that workmanship rendered in a front-pocket design forged out of 3 ounces of Meridian English bridle leather.

It will fit a few cards and some cash. And it will get better as you handle it. Shouldn’t that be true of anything you keep in your pocket?

Beautiful, reasonable, and minimalist. It’s what you want on your gravestone. Why not put it in your pocket?

Choose black or saddle tan.

Nomatic Front Pocket Wallet

The Nomatic Wallet is a feat of soft-goods engineering that allows you to keep a maximum number of cards in the smallest possible amount of space and still have access to all of the cards when you need them in a flash.

There is even a pocket on there, somehow, so you can bring cash or a key or whatever else you must have with you.

It’s functional brilliance and has started something of a cult. It comes in a range of colors and is priced so you can own several if that’s your jam.

Fossil Men’s Ingram Leather Magnetic Card Case Wallet

Fossil Men's Ingram Leather Magnetic Card Case Wallet


Beautiful, weathered leather, four card slots, and a money clip. This is minimal from Fossil. This is a great wallet. It would make a great gift. IT will look good on you.

Everything from the smell of the leather to the grip of the money clip is classy and worthy of that front pocket.

Instead of being embarrassed by the beat up thing you keep your cards in, pull this out and feel like you have not only weeded out the junk you once carried everywhere but you have a little taste, too.

Comes in black and brown.