Running Your AC to No Avail? Try This Cooling System for Your Bed

You deserve to sleep comfortably.

My bedroom is the addition to our house—and we live in a row home—so in any given season, our bedroom has a marked temperature difference than any other area in the house. Before we lived here, our bedroom was similarly located next to an uninsulated attic. Throughout our entire relationship, we have navigated uncomfortable sleeping conditions, mostly related to our bedroom being a solid 10 degrees different from the rest of the house.

If that wasn’t enough of a barrier in the way of comfort, we have totally different sleep preferences. If there’s a chance my partner is hot, there is an equal and opposite chance that I am freezing. Sound familiar to you? Do you struggle similarly with hot flashes, cold sweats and other forms of temperature regulation while you sleep?

Allow me to introduce you to the revolutionary BetJet. Available in a single zone model and a dual zone model for couples, BedJet is designed to bring you the utmost in comfort while you sleep.

Installation is quick and easy. Simply take your BedJet out of the box, allow the included mount to clip to your bare mattress and then make your bed as usual. BedJet will fit under any bed that has at least a 7-inch clearance beneath it. BedJet stays conveniently out of the way by tucking under your bedframe.According to the BedJet FAQ, the commonly agreed upon location for BedJet installation is in the corner of your bed, near the footboard, out of reach from your toes.

After installation is complete, all you have to do is pair your new BedJet with the included smartphone app and you are well on your way to finding your new normal. Say no more to overheating. So no more to digging in the linen closet in the middle of the night when you get cold. You’ll find yourself sleeping better, longer and falling asleep quicker than ever. You can even program your BedJetBedJet stays conveniently out of the way by tucking under your bedframe. with the app to make your alarm clock obsolete with the special shut off wake-up function that will wake you without a blaring alarm.

Before you know it, you’ll have saved on your energy bill and find yourself in a better mood across the board after your one-time investment in BedJet V2 Single or Dual Zone Climate Comfort System.