Explore the Stars Over Coffee With a NASA AR Space Mug & Notebook Bundle

It uses augmented reality to give you an astronaut's view from the ISS.

There are a handful of billionaires trying to change this, but for the time being, traveling through outer space is a privilege for an extremely select few. Dreaming about the stars, on the other hand, is a pastime that suits a much larger portion of the population, which is why the NASA AR Notebook and the NASA Space Mug is such a welcome diversion from our everyday earthbound existence.

AR stands for Augmented Reality, and it’s a technology that enhances the world around you through your smartphone screen. Up until now, it’s mainly been used to catch Pokemon, which is a fun and all. But the people at Astro Reality have come up with an even better use for the AR. The NASA AR Notebook is fun for old-school space cadets. It features the classic NASA “worm” logo on the front cover and looks like a journal that an astronaut might take on a space exploration mission. But Buzz Aldrin never had a notebook like this. Just scan iwt ith your smartphone and bring the solar system to your fingertips on the interactive Astro Reality Explorer app.

The Astro Reality NASA AR Notebook and Space Mug Bundle

You’ll learn about everything from NASA’s 60-year history to the proportions and details of the solar system we call home, and much more, all in vivid, three-dimensional detail. Just count down from 10, point your smartphone camera at the notebook’s front cover, and blast off.

Of course, if you’re wanting to do some journaling our sketching — particularly that with a space travel theme — you could do much worse than this handsome notebook even without the AR features. Each page is constructed from sturdy, acid-free paper, all bound with premium binding that allows the notebook to lie completely flat on any flat surface.

Next, there’s the Astro Reality NASA Space Mug, which also uses augmented reality but in an even more inspired way. It comes in a white plastic canister (with that same classic NASA logo as the notebook emblazoned on the surface), and when you open it up you’ll find a sturdy, if unusually-shaped, drinking glass that you can use for Tang or any other less space-age beverages you have around. But break out your smartphone camera and the Astro Reality Explorer app, and you’ll discover that your designated Tang mug has become a supernatural portal to the Earth from the vantage point of an astronaut onboard the International Space Station.

Together, the NASA AR Notebook and the NASA Space Mug would normally cost you a couple pennies shy of 60 bucks. But for a limited time you can pick them both up from for $54.99. The bundle includes both the notebook, the mug, a black protective case, and the necessary QR code, with deliveries slated to begin in the contiguous United States around July 1st.

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