Beat the Heat With These Totally Nerdy Ice Cube Trays

Up your ice game with heroes and icons from alternate realities.

Unsplash / Thomas Vimare

Welcome to the nerd’s freezer. This is a place where ice is not just shaped like a cube. It isn’t shot from the freezer door by a machine. It’s an art, an homage to a culture rich in fictional utopias and heroes made from hardship. It’s not everyone’s freezer. It’s a freezer that evokes camaraderie among outcasts, icons of alternate realities.

This is your freezer.

Other people make cocktails. You build an experience from frozen sculpture, carefully chosen hooch, and your own narratives. Embrace it. Go full nerd. Do not fear the quiescently frozen back story.

WllRun 2 Packs Star Wars Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Mold Tray

Star Wars Death Star Silicone Ice Cube Mold


Pour your whiskey over the Death Star. Can a Friday after work gathering get better than that?

One big ice cube is the best way to take a cocktail from ordinary to sublime. Why not go it one step further and give that ice a beginning, middle, and end?

It’s so easy to do. Just fill these ice balls with some nice, filtered water. (This is a two-pack of ice molds). Put them in the freezer. Wait for cocktail hour. Open them up, drop one in a rocks glass, and pour the bourbon or scotch you believe serves this moment. Big ice cubes melt very slowly, infusing your fine spirits with cold water. The drink gets better the longer you sit with it.

Meanwhile, you are destroying the Death Star with bourbon! So, there’s that!

Doctor Who Ice Cubes Tray - MoldFun Tardis & Daleks Silicone Mold

Doctor Who Ice Cubes Tray


What’s in your glass? Whatever it is, it wants to be chilled by the Tardis and Daleks. How much better is your gin and tonic, now?

Not only is this a great visual treat, but it’s a better ice. A big ice cube is colder. It melts slower. It gets your drink colder and it keeps it colder longer. This is a tray of four big cubes, two each of Tardis and Daleks.

Every drink should look this cool.

Batman Ice Cube Tray

Batman Ice Cube Tray


Maybe you don’t have an enormous bat-shaped lamp you can shine into the sky to call the Dark Night to your aid. But you can drink, right?

Why put ordinary ice cubes in your glass when these send a message: “I need a strong dude in a flowy black cape and small ears, right here, right now to help me drink this vodka! (Or, you know, iced coffee maybe?)”

Because who doesn’t?

Twelve bat cubes makes several bat beverages.

Guardians of the Galaxy Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Guardians of the Galaxy Silicone Ice Cube Tray


One of the great things about being an adult is that you can indulge every whim that was suppressed in you when you were a child. An ice bucket filled with images from Guardians of the Galaxy? This is a thing you can have, every day of the week if you want.

Reach in your fridge for a cube. What will you get?

Baby Groot for you water? Rocket Raccoon in your iced tea? Star Lord in your juice? Drax and Gamora in your bourbon and soda?

This life could be yours. It’s not even expensive.

Nintendo Super Mario Ice Cube Tray

Nintendo Super Mario Ice Cube Tray


Since you are building an adult life that your six-year-old self would approve of, go all in! How much did you love Super Mario? Enough to melt him into a drink? Yeah! Everyone loved him that much.

Add this one to your freezer collection and having a drink at your place will never be dull.

Conversation starter? Trip down memory lane? Announcement that you are a super nerd? Yeah, it’s all that and more.