We Love This Functional Briefcase and So Should You

The Cary Single is the perfect combination of style and function

Stuart & Lau

When we decided to review the Stuart & Lau Cary Single Briefcase we had figure out how we were going to review it. In our estimation a briefcase like this works if it’s:

  • Easy to carry
  • Has enough compartments to to keep you organized
  • Stands up to the normal wear and tear of everyday commuting
  • Looks good enough to carry into any meeting.

While these may sound like the bare minimum for a piece, there’s plenty of bags out there, specifically briefcases, that don’t check the boxes. But, we were happy to report that Stuart&Lau have designed a briefcase that checks every box and right now stands as the best men’s carry we’ve reviewed.

First thing we noticed on the Single (they also come in a smaller size Slim, and a bigger size: Double) is that it’s lightweight. We were able to carry everything we normally did for work (iPhone, laptop, cables, etc) and throughout our commute this bag felt light.

The lightweight feel of the bag has a lot to do with the bags Duralite fabric. This fabric is known for being light and strong. So it’s essentially made to stand up to the long commutes, the walks across town and show it’s durability through it all. The Duralite is also a waterproof fabric so while this bag looks beautiful, a rainy day isn’t going to ruin it.

We love the look of this bag. It feels like a bag worth the price tag and with a variety of colors including navy and tan and tobacco and chocolate, there’s a style that’s likely to fit most shoppers. It’s accenting with full grain leather straps that really compliment the Duralite fabric. This bag fits in for carrying to class as well as one you can bring with you into a high profile meeting. It pairs well with whatever you’re wearing so it’s got a versatility that we think’s essential for a bag that will cost you over $300.

While we love the style and the durability of the bag we loved the ability to keep you organized just as much. This bag is loaded with compartments on the back and inside of the bag. Just a few of the features we like:

  • Add-a-bag sleeve for suitcases
  • Hidden stow pocket
  • Zippered mesh pockets for cords and cards
  • Padded laptop sleeve that fits 15-inch laptops

This bag was easy to organize. There was plenty of pockets without being a pocket overload the way we’ve seen other bags trying too hard to keep you organized.

The price, as mentioned earlier, is $325 with free shipping anywhere in the US. While price is always a personal choice we think this is well worth it. Stuart & Lau has a lifetime warranty on the Cary Single that protects against defect. Given how durable we believe this bag is, this is something that you can carry with you for the next decade or longer.