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5 Incredible Shoes You Should Add to Your Closet Now

Stop wearing running shoes to everything. Get dressed, man!

Unsplash / Dương Trần Quốc

Put away those ratty running shoes. Do not put on those “comfort shoes” that make you look as if you stole Frankenstein’s suitcase as he was fleeing back to Italy, the monster in pursuit. Sure, shopping for shoes is normally a hell you would not endure unless you were being rounded up for attendance at a wedding or funeral. But how about if you could just log on, choose among a curated collection of excellent shoes, type in your size, and be done with it?

No desperate decisions made because you can’t stand to spend another moment in a shoe store. No more having to fake the answer to questions about lasts, vamps, welts, and wings. (Or suffering the pained response from the sales people to your terrible puns about these things.) Just you, a pair of shoes you like, and a credit card.

You can do this!

Mason Suede Cap Toe

Mason Suede Cap ToeNew Republic

Let’s just say that it is an event — a wedding or something — that has you reluctantly admitting that your five-year-old running shoes are inadmissible.

How about these? Black suede in a classic oxford style. Dressy but not obnoxiously so. They will only get more comfortable with time, given that the lining is leather. But you won’t land on your ass as soon as you hit the dance floor because the sole is rubber.

You could wear these to work, if you wanted a promotion. And they will certainly be fine at this wedding. They aren’t even that spendy.

Trevor Chelsea Boot

Trevor Chelsea BootNew Republic

If you don’t have a pair of boots like this, you need to fix that ASAP. This is a versatile shoe. Wear them with skinny jeans when you go out to see a punk rock band. They aren’t over-the-edge edgy but they will work. Wear them with dress pants to an important meeting. With the right jeans, you could even wear these out on a date to a nice restaurant. And they’ll feel like you are wearing a comfy pair of boots in all settings. Because, you know what? That’s what they are.

Baldwin Suede Boat Shoe - Red

Baldwin Suede Boat Shoe - RedNew Republic

Not everyone can pull off wearing boat shoes anywhere except on a boat without looking like an entitled nitwit. But if you are gonna go there, go red. Because these Suede Boat Shoes in red take this blue blood look out of the Yacht Club and into the urban hipsterscape.

Of course, if you are a member of a Yacht Club, you probably have several pairs of these already. Red might be a refreshing change.

Either way, there’s a reason this shoe appeals to people who can afford to choose: Super comfortable. Very stable in an unstable environment. Unlikely to slip on a wet surface. And you can slide into them and kick them off at will.

Truman Suede Chukka Boot

Truman Suede Chukka BootNew Republic

Chukkas are such a classic! And for good reason. Everyone looks great in them. Great in that about-to-set-off-on-a-tour-of-the-desert sort of way. A shoe to be worn on adventures that involve camel riding and near-death experiences that end in glory. This is a shoe that won’t get in your way. It’s a dress shoe you can wear to an archaeological expedition. A desert boot you can wear to dinner with an exotic, foreign love interest.

Kurt Leather Sneaker

Kurt Leather SneakerNew Republic

Are you still arguing that you want to wear your ratty running shoes to this fancy event you’re on the hook to attend? Okay, how about a compromise?

These leather sneakers will be just as comfy as your trainers. But they are black leather. They look like you tried. You know what? They look like you are the kind of hip that can wear a pair of sneakers to a formal event and pull it off.

Maybe the next time you see these people, all the men will be doing the same thing. That’s how trends start, after all.