True Waterproof Wireless Headphones We Freaking Love

Great Sound and Waterproof? Right this Way:


I have two defining characteristics: I love to run, and I sweat. Like a lot. Because of this combination, I don’t play around when it comes to finding headphones you can move in no matter how wet it gets. If you aren’t a sweaty runner like myself, odds are you still enjoy going to the pool or the beach, or essentially anything involving water now that it is unofficially summer. And there is nothing that will kill your vibe that worrying your new technology will be ruined by the slightest contact with water.

Oh, and one more thing: I need quality sound with my headphones. It can be hard to find the perfect equilibrium of durability and sound quality, resigning any shopper to settle for some $10.99 earbuds that break within a month.

That’s why we have found the perfect pair of headphones that are made to last through your wildest beach vacays: the xFyro Wireless Earbuds.

Boasting a consistent 5 stars from 193 reviews and profiled in publications like Mashable, Yahoo, and Digital Trends magazine, xFyro is focused on the sound quality of their products. For that, you can thank the elite CSR Bluetooth 5.0 technology that delivers crystal-clear sound and easy wireless connection to your device.

From an engineering perspective, the headphones themselves are made from a patented aluminum polishing technology which creates a kind of shell to minimize outside noise to maximize the sound quality. Combined with a proprietary silicone material that allows for a better seal to continue blocking external sound, xFyro goes the extra mile to deliver quality sound in a durable product.

This isn’t a product you want to sleep on; with 184 sold to date, the xFyro Wireless Earbuds are about to sell out. Don’t wait for a fantastic music experience—buy it now!