This Place Makes Custom Condoms. Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose... Just Goldilocks Right.

Measure Your Member. Become a Member. Get Better Rubbers.

Unsplash / Emiliano Vittoriosi

Goldilocks knew what she wanted. And she wasn’t afraid to say so. And if you want better sex, it’s a good idea to take a lesson from her.

Too big? Too small? Just….right! Aahhhh! Yes! Yes! Yes!

We are talking about condoms. Do you hate them? Do they make you feel like you’re wearing someone else’s crappy raincoat to a dance where you want to look and feel your best?

You spent a lot of time, emotional energy, effort, and maybe even money getting to this moment. Don’t spoil it by wearing the wrong thing. Most condoms only fit 12 percent of men. So there’s a very good chance you hate wearing a prophylactic because it was made for another Peter.

One Condoms aims to solve that by fitting the sheath you carry to the sword you own.

Step One: Find Your Fit

My One Perfect Fit Condom

One Condoms

Print out a measuring kit. Get out a measuring tape. Get help from a friend. Do it alone. However you go about it, the first step to owning a custom safe is to take the measure of your member.

And once you have that important piece of data, enter it into the site using the cool online slider bar tool and it will spit out a letter code you use to order myOnePerfectFit condoms that fit.

Now you can go to the dance wearing an elegant raincoat, custom made for you.

Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?