This Hair Dryer Will Change the Way You Style Your Hair Forever

Reverse hair drying will leave you with less damage and more time to do the things you actually want to do. 

Unsplash / Element5 Digital

I don’t know about you, but blow drying my hair has always been at the bottom of my list of priorities. I’ve never had the arm or shoulder dexterity to angle a hair dryer and round brush and I’ve always felt that the risk of hair damage outweighed any of the benefits of what I call “grown-up hair.” I’ve had pretty much the same hair style—in one iteration of another—since I was old enough to have hair and beyond the different phases of color, ponytails and top knots, I’ve always had a just-rolled-out-of-bed-chic approach to hair.

But when I’m out in the world and I see beautiful women with perfectly smooth hair and a look that says to me, “I grew up,” I’m often struck with envy. But never enough to actually begin blow drying my hair. That was until I heard of the RevAir.

Designed by a dad who struggled to blow out his daughter’s hair, the RevAir looks more like a vacuum than any blow dryer you’ve ever seen. Compared to other hairdryers that are often just one handheld component that plugs into the wall, RevAir has a base unit with a filter that either sits on the ground or counter while you style your hair. In this way, it’s not as travel friendly as many other hair dryer options, but its many advantages outweigh the lack of portability.

If you’ve been blow drying your hair for years, chances are you’ve frequently had to get trims to cope with the heat damage and/or use protective products to minimize damage as much as possible. With the purchase of RevAir—the world’s first and only reverse hair dryer—you immediately minimize both of these hair styling hazards.

So how does it work? Unlike traditional hair dryers that blow hot air at your hair, the RevAir pulls air and water away from your scalp and uses tension to straighten hair without the use of a brush, heat or other styling tools. RevAir has seven settings on a dial for easy adjustment of tension. The lower settings are better for people with looser curl patterns while the higher settings are perfect for natural hair and tight curl patterns. Many consumers report that they’ve never needed to adjust the heat settings, but should you need to make adjustments, the RevAir has three different heat settings ranging from heatless to cool and warm.

RevAir users report that RevAir leaves them with smooth, soft hair that was previously not possible with just a blowdryer. People who would usually spend upwards of an hour blowdrying each and every section of hair report that their styling time has been cut in half and many consumers have completely minimized their need for a hair straightener afterwards.

So if you’re looking to elevate the way you style your hair without engaging in the ongoing risk of damaging your hair, the RevAir is a quick hair drying option that leaves you with salon-quality blow outs in a fraction of the time—perfect for the summer months when the last thing you want to do is blow hot air at your head.

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