Soothe That Muscle Pain With an Extra-Cooling CBD Cream

Too much fun in the sun after a long, lazy winter?

Unsplash / David Boca

It was a long winter. Then the sun came out. And, even though you suspected it might be a bad idea, you dug out your surfboard and your skate board. And went for a run. Why not swim some sprints, too! And, in the spirit of the moment, you dropped and did 20 push ups, too.

Summer! Bring it! I am alive!

And that was yesterday. Today? Putting on a shirt hurts. Standing up from a sitting position hurts. You feel ancient, decrepit, and regretful.

CBD Topical Soothing Cream 175 MG

CBD Topical Soothing Cream 


The athlete in you knows that if you keep moving, things will get better. But every other fiber of your being hates that athlete today and you aren’t listening to that jerk ever again.

Try some of this CBD soothing creme. You rub it on and the menthol immediately makes your sore muscles (and joints) feel better. Meanwhile, the pharmacist-formulated blend of CBD and arnica soaks in doing some real, lasting pain relief and healing.

Use it twice a day. And don’t hate your surfboard or your impulse to run. Just invest in some tools to get you through this transition from couch potato to super hero.