Minimize Your Coffee Shop Tab With These Must-Have at Home Coffee and Tea Accessories

When you're exhausted in the morning, the last thing you want to do is trek to the coffee shop. 

Unsplash / Mike Marquez

For years, I didn’t own a coffee maker. Every morning, I’d begrudgingly wake up, take the quickest shower and spackle on my most chic “I promise I’m just tired, but I don’t want to look it” make up. I did it this way because I hoped it would provide structure to the structureless life of freelancing, but all it did was run me up a $60 coffee bill a week and leave me wishing for more from my cup of coffee. This is ignoring the fact that whenever anyone came over, I never had coffee to offer them, despite the best intentions.

So when my partner and I moved into what we affectionally call “our first grown up home,” I made sure to stock our kitchen with the necessary coffee and tea accoutrements. Below you’ll find many of my most favorite products—and that’s not to be taken lightly, coffee is one of my core passions—for making the best home brewed coffee and tea for yourself and any guests.

For The Person Without A Lot of Counter Space

Why We Picked It: We have a great kitchen, but we don’t have as much counter space as I would like. For those of us not willing to sacrifice valuable counter space for a bulky espresso machine or coffee maker, the moka pot is a perfect stovetop option that returns amazing results in less than 5 minutes.

For The Person Who Already Has One Foot Out The Door

Why We Picked It: Mornings don’t always go as planned. You may wish you had an extra half hour every morning to enjoy your coffee or tea at home, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. For those mornings, it pays to have a to-go style coffee maker that you can confidently say will keep your drink as cold or hot as when it was poured and not leak on your prized possessions en route.

For The Person Who Frequently Forgets The Kettle On The Stove

Why We Picked It: So much of brewing the perfect cup of coffee or tea is making sure that the water is the perfect temperature. Too hot and you’ll end up with an almost burnt taste. Too cold and you won’t be able to enjoy the full body of flavors. With this smart electric kettle, you can set your chosen temperature, turn the device on and off with the Fellow Brewbar companion app and even keep your water warm indefinitely with the push of a button.

For The Person Tired Of Their Go-To Tea

Why We Picked It: Anyone can drink Earl Grey, Green Tea or Red Zinger and it doesn’t make it any less delicious. But if it’s all you’ve been drinking for the last decade or more, you might be eyeing a switch. Juniper Ridge disrupts the herbal tea landscape with the less-than traditional all-natural herbs.

For The Person Gifted With So Much Loose Leaf Tea They Don’t Know What To Do With It

Why We Picked It: If you’re going to own something, you might as well love it. Stelton co-prioritizes aesthetic with functionality with this beautiful all-stainless steel tea infuser that will never leak tea leaves into your cup. Perfect for rainy morning Instagram stories and all stylized posts and parties.