A Men's Duffle Bag as Rugged as It Is Beautiful 

The WP Standard Military Duffle Bag Passes Our Inspection


The WP Standard Military Duffle Bag caught our attention as soon as we got it for two reasons. First, it’s beautiful. It’s got that vintage leather look, like it just came out of the 1960’s or 70’s. It’s the tanned leather that gives it a strudy and broken in look. We absolutely loved it. It’s the perfect looking bag to pair with jeans and a blazer on a short work or weekend trip. It’s ageless and so it’s always current.

For us this solves a problem we see in a lot of bags. Either they look too generic, like best used for the gym. Or they look too polished and you feel underdressed carrying it. What we loved about this was that it was dressed down enough to carry with almost any outfit but sophisticated enough that you could dress up for it and still look like it fit.

The bag itself is a bit heavy. At 4lbs it’s definitely on the heavy side so if you’re going on a trip try and pack the essentials. This isn’t a bag that works best when stuffed. Still, we thought that the weight and the durability to it matched with its features.

The WP Standard Military Duffle bag features a big shoulder pad for better ease of carry, an external pocket for the need-to-grab items as well as a thick handle good for carrying that bag wherever you’re going.

We think maybe the most unique, and to be fair, challenging part of the bag is the side load. Most of us are used to a top load duffle but WP wanted their men’s bag to resemble the Vietnam bags that inspried these. This proved to take some getting used to. As we discovered military fashion brings military function. A bag that loads like that means you have to think differently about the way that you pack. Still, we think once you get used to it the load and the feel of the bag more than make up for a slight learning curve.

The price on this men’s military duffle bag is $339, which is about what you’d expect from a higher end men’s bag. If you want something that’s unique, rugged and stands out then we think this is a great choice for you.