This Incredibly Creepy, Magical Product Will Give You Summer-Ready Feet

So weird ... but it feels seriously great.

Unsplash / Toa Heftiba

So, here’s the thing. I was born without shoes—I know, I’m so unusual this way—and I’ve struggled to keep shoes on ever since. To this day, I make my footwear decisions based on how easy they are to get on and off. If I’m sitting at a table, I’m quick to kick my shoes most of the way off. When I walk into someone’s house, I’m the first to take my shoes off without ever being asked. When I’m in my own home, I never have shoes on, and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve worn socks in 2019. This has given me some serious rhinoceros heels and calluses that seem to extend several layers deep.

It’s only been at some point in the last few years that I’ve seen this as an issue. I’ve put the work into trying to rid myself of these callused layers by doing everything (except, you know, actually wearing shoes). I’ve gone through several pumice stones, applied various super-thick moisturizers and have upped the frequency of my once rare pedicures. Still, I have dry and callused feet. And I see you all in your summertime sandals—I know I’m not alone.

If you also struggle with decades of callused and dry feet, maybe you’ve wondered at one point or another what it would like to start brand new. What if I told you there was a miracle product available for just that purpose?

Check out this bizarre, amazing product, Baby Foot. Available on Amazon, Baby Foot is basically a chemical peel for your feet, with incredibly tangible results. Sold in pairs, Baby Foot has its secret ingredients locked inside its convenient plastic socks. You simply wear them for an hour and then wash off the goo in the shower. A few days later, layers of your skin literally peel off in sheets—like a freaking snake—to reveal a brand new layer of baby soft skin. It’s impossibly creepy. It also works better than anything else we’ve ever seen.

Don’t believe me? Not for the faint of heart, this video shows exactly what happens when you decide to try Baby Foot. After Baby Foot, you can throw away all your as-seen-on-TV foot products, cancel your pedicure and begin your new life of soft feet. You’ll feel like a pampered celebrity (after a week of feeling like a leper). You’ll wonder how you lived life any different and may even consider a career change to foot modeling.

Try it for yourself and have summer-ready feet you don’t have to be embarrassed by within a week.