Waterproof Boots That Won't Make You Look Like a Little Kid

Be Prepared for Summer Storms


Spring showers don’t just stop when summer arrives – they turn into sudden, torrential downpours that can ruin an expensive pair of loafers in an instant. That’s just one reason why every guy needs a good pair of waterproof boots. (Other reasons include hiking, outdoor work, car washing, and dozens of other activities where you’re likely to encounter water.)

When you’re looking for boots, remember that they can get hot, so select a pair that includes a moisture-wicking liner that allows sweat and heat to escape. A lightweight, flexible sole will also add to your comfort if you’ll be wearing the boots for an extended time.

For All Kinds of Weather

Why We Chose It A boot that’s as comfy as your everyday sneakers sounds like a pipe dream, bur that’s what Huckberry has come up with. These boots have styling and traction for the toughest conditions along with a soft insole that provides all-day comfort. The shoe is construted with a breathable, waterproof membrane that keeps water out while allowing moisture to escape, so your toes stay warm no matter how much water you trek through.

For Trails in the City

Why We Chose It If you like the look of hiking boots, look no further than the Vertigo 917. Danner has decades of technical experience designing hiking boots, but they designed this model for guys who spend more time in the city – making the sole lighter and incorporating two gores so the boots are easy to put on and take off. The uppers are full-grain leather with waterproof protection, and the Gore-Tex liners will keep your feet dry and allow sweat and moisture to escape. The outsole is designed to provide traction in any conditions.

Easy On and Off

Why We Chose It Whether you’re trudging to the subway station or working in the mud, the Muckster II is designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable. The Neoprene keeps the water out, and the rubber outsole ensure you’ve got traction in slippery conditions. These boots also feature Muck’s traditional breathable lining for all-day wearability. The ankle-high boot is perfect for city wear.

Real Work Boots

Why We Chose It These work boots have a flexible, lightweight sole that absorbs shock on the heal and arch of your foot, providing greater movement than your average work boot. The construction of this boot creates a weatherproof bond between the leather uppers and the rubber outsole, and the insulated liner wicks moisture away from your foot, helping provide all-day comfort.

How About Waterproof Sneakers

Why We Chose It They look like sneakers, they feel like sneakers, but the CityScape shoe is 100 percent waterproof, with three-layer construction. The outer layer is a stretch knit over a 100% waterproof core layer, lined with a layer that’s soft and wicks away moisture. The shoes are also breathable, so sweat and moisture go out of the shoe and your feet stay dry whether you’re walking through rain or someone (not you, of course) spills a drink on your foot. Available in five colors.